Betsey Johnson bags?

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  1. Hey all, I'm a huge Betsey Johnson fan (dresses, etc), but the handbags seem a little, uh, cheap looking to me. Thoughts?
  2. I have the Good Girl bag in large and medium. They're not cheap looking at all. I get lots of compliments on them.
  3. I totally agree with you on the cheap factor. I for one was really excited to hear she was doing a bag line then I saw them IRL and almost vomited! I noticed they are always on markdown...they seem very "Claires" to me. No offense to those who have them. Just not my taste for the money.
  4. She actually has TWO bag lines, the Betsey Johnson and then the Betseyville, which is less expensive and generally gaudy, ugly, and nylon (more "Claires" although sometimes cute and fun)...I think the Betsey Johnson bags (the all leather) are well made, fun and affordable, and I almost NEVER see those on markdown (except the really questionable ones!). The resale for vintage Betsey I think is really good. I bought the Betseyville Princess Rose black tote for classes on sale for $47.25 and I've seen it on ebay for up to US $113.50 (it's not vintage so this is a bad example)
    Archipelago, I love the good girl!
    Here she is in chocolate from Nordstrom [​IMG]
  5. Maybe I have been looking at the lower priced line!! LOL That one above it quite cute! Thanks for educating me on the lines! :smile:
  6. That my baby right up there! :P She has a little sister too. I like the bag so much that I just had to get two different sizes.

  7. I think the higher-end bags are a great deal. I got a clutch, which I'll someday get around to posting a picture of for $95. Its all leather with a big metal padlock that works. Its also studded, has sort of a punk look. Some of her bags are too over the top for me, but I love that one.
  8. Archipelago - I love your Good Girl hobo!! It looks great!
  9. My girlfriend just picked this up
    as an alternative to that studded Michael Kors one that Jessica Simpson totes around.
    The leather is BUTTER soft and it was, IMO, a bargain at $400
  10. [​IMG]
    Love this
  11. I have one Betsey Johnson bag and it is really nicely made. The leather is super soft, and the inside lining of the bag is very pretty. Here's a pic of it. It's the bag on the right.
  12. Thanks, girls, I appreciate the schooling! I am going to check out the Good Girl Hobo...
  13. I was wondering about them. Our local Lord And Taylor is closing down and they have some of that brand left.
  14. Hey all, just thought I would post an update...

    I ordered the Good Girl Hobo in chocolate from Nordstrom and it just arrived today!

    OMG, I really wanted to love it, I really, really did! But it was just too big when I tried it on :sad: . If it was scaled down a teeny bit it would be incredible! I love the lines and style, just didn't work on me. Big bummer. OH well, thanks to Nordstrom for free returns...

    Oh, and I did pick up the 'lucky star' small bag in black, which has a very fun chain strap and wonderful studs, including star-shaped ones all over. It's pretty small so it doesn't hold much more than my wallet and cell, and I am really trying to find larger bags that work.

    Anyway, thanks for the Betsey lessons, everyone! I will definitely keep an eye out for more :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. I actually saw the Good Girl Hobo IRL two days ago and I thought the same thing...loved EVERYTHING about it, except the size.
    I'm only 5'3 and the bag took up half my body!