Betsey Johnson Bag what do you think?

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  1. Hi girls!
    Just wanted to know your opinion on this bag?
    yay or nay?

    I can get a great deal on it but im not to sure if i should go for it. Your opinions will be very helpful..
  2. My honest opinion is that it's far too expensive is the price stays at $340. Half price... maybe.

    What I truly don't like is the lining. I find it atrocious, looks like a tablecloth in a cheap Italian restaurant.
  3. I liked it until I saw the price. It is one of Betsey's simpler designs, so shouldn't it be less?
  4. I agree with you on the price i would not pay $300 for a betsey johnson bag.
    The price that i would get it for would come up to about $180 plus shipping.
    Thanks for your input girls...
  5. So for $180 would you girls say yes buy it or no?
  6. It is nice but what makes this bag more expensive? Looks like the brand is trying to up its status?
  7. For $180 I might order it and see how I like it IRL. With Zappos you can always return it at no charge. If you're buying it somewhere that you can't return it, I'd have to say nay. I have yet to see a Betsy Bag I thought was worth $200, but maybe they are trying to up their status as said above!
  8. I think its really cute. I love the studs, hate the lining, but I like the overall shape. I had a BJ clutch that was really cute, great leather, so I think some of her things look great in person BUT I've also seen some of her bags that dont' look so nice. So I'd buy with a return policy.
  9. Actually I might look for this bag since it matches my Hermes CDC cuff and Medor watch, LOL!
  10. For $180 why not? As long as you can return it if you don't like it IRL.............
  11. i think its cute
  12. I like it, but $340 is very expensive, esp. on sale...
    I've seen cheaper Betsey purses, that are nicer for way less than that
  13. I'm not really a fan of the style.
  14. It's cute!
  15. I like the bag but not the price, I'd wait till it comes on or TJ Maxx or something. But if you like it, that's all that's important!