Betsey Johnson Bag for son's girlfriend any ideas?

  1. I talked to my son and his girlfriend likes Betsey Johnson handbags, She is 23, any recommendatios as to a style that would be good for someone that age, ok I am ooooold and not up on the latest fashion must have handbag and would really like to give her something for Christmas that she will love. My son is not much help, he tries, but, yeah he is a guy and doesn't understand the importance of it all. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, would like to stick to a price of 100-200 dollars if possible as I have already bought her a few other really nice things. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. thanks so much, I don't know if she is a clutch person, she is a makeup artist and is currently in "hair" school at Paul Mitchell, the first one is great, I notice you like the L.A.M.B handbags, that was my first suggestion to my son, but he suggested the Betsey Johnson, soooo. Thanks for taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it. I like the first one. Linda
  3. I find it sooo hard to buy handbags for others, when I see a bag I like its love at first site, its such an individual thing. But any suggestions from all you handbag Mavens would really be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hm... this is just a personal opinion.. but if she likes Betsey Johnson handbags... she'd most likely like L.A.M.B. bags too!

    Several of them have gone on sale recently!
  5. It is so hard to buy a handbag for a woman since everyone's taste is different. Maybe you could include a gift receipt in case she wants to exchange. Sorry, not much help here.....
  6. I was just on Loehmann's today and they had several different Betsey Johnson styles, I know I've seen many at Off Fifth as could start at either store to see what they have, find something you thin she'd like (though that's a big of a guess) and if you get a gift receipt she'll be fine.
  7. I would get her a gift card to Nordstrom because they carry both L.A.M.B. and Betsey. I love both brands but personally, I find Betsey leather to be hard and well I just LOVE L.A.M.B.! I find that alot of the makeup artists I know love L.A.M.B. as well but if the son says betsey... Maybe you could ask him to slyly slip L.A.M.B. in a convo and see if she bites lol sorry but theyre awesome bags!

    Oh yeah but L.A.M.B will be over that 200 limit so in that case Betsey may win.
  8. You might want to try Off 5th, I've seen plenty of Betsey Johnson bags there for $130-$200. Also there is a "30% OFF ONE ITEM" coupon in the Deals & Steals subforum. Good luck!