Betsey J. - "Good Girl" hobo anyone?

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  1. Need to know if the B. Johnson "good girl" hobo looks as fabulous in real life as it does on-line, i will take your word for it, I want to ORDER it NOW ???!!!???:huh:
  2. I've looked at it at Nordstrom's. It looks like a nice bag. It's pretty big.
  3. Didn't somebody say it was really heavy?

    I like the way it looks in pics., though.
  4. I said it's really heavy. It is beautiful but the hardward is substantial. and it holds a ton of stuff. If you feel you can do the weight - go for it!
  5. Thanks JoV! I knew somebody had said that!
  6. I love that bag. I just wonder what it will look like with the shoulder strap. Adorable bag though.
  7. How would you compare the weight of this bag to um...lets say...........Isabella Fiore's "Stud Muffin"- Carine OR really any of her bags 'cause I have tons of her stuff and they have heavy hardware and extremely large too. Thanx so much for everyone's replies.
  8. It's heavy like the Fiore's. Heavier than a Paddington. The handles remind are like handles on a dresser or china cabinet.

    But if you don't mind the weight, it's a great bag. Plenty of storage space and seperations.
  9. Cute bag, but definitely heavy. Somewhat whimsical with the drawer pull handles.
  10. I got the bag a few weeks ago I love it. When I first got it, it looked gigantic. It was a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. It's grown on me though. I use mine for school and shopping. You should look at some pictures on eBay to see the proportion of the bag to the body. The bag is pretty heavy but I've gotten used to it. It's easier to carry it by the handles rather than having it hang off my shoulder with the strap.
  11. Funny. I ordered this bag from Nordstrom a few months ago and sent it back. I actually thought it was too small. I wanted to use it for a work bag.

    I guess that goes to show you that "big" and "small" are relative to the individual. The leather is quite nice though. It has a distressed look to it. Alteast the camel colored one that I ordered did.
  12. Could you post pics of your bag? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I've seen photos on, and three make the bag look so different...
  14. I've seen it as a picture online and also in person. It looks much better in the picture than it does in real life. So I would pass on it.