"Bethenny Ever After" -- February 2011 Bravo

  1. somehow I think it was a combination of both - wanting to be with her BF and just tired of working for Bethenny. She's been with her from day one.

    It takes a certain kind of person to be a personal assistant, because at some point your life is no longer your life. You have to live, eat and sleep the other person, everything about you gets put on the back burner.
  2. It seemed to me to be a combination of both, but I bet if she didn't have the BF she would have toughed it out for a couple more years.
  3. i wonder how much she paid julie. if the money was remarkable, i doubt she'd run back to pittsburgh.

  4. I recall, when she promoted her she said $55K a year
  5. For living in NYC and having no personal life, that's not alot of money. In Pittsburgh it would be, but your life is not your own working for Bethenny, or anyone as a PA for that matter.
  6. I missed the beginning, but, why is Julie leaving and where is she going?

  7. 55k a year for a personal assistant to someone who is now as famous and wealthy as Bethenny? And, Julie has to appear on the TV show? that is BS
  8. And model in her shapewear line...
  9. That is pretty standard for an assistant in NYC (also depends on what industry you are in). Plus she gets money for the show (lets say an additional $25K a year). My assistant makes $40K (I have no control over it). Assistants in NYC that are in the media/entertainment feel have lower salaries, because they get so many other perks (more vacation, invites to parties, free swag)

    I my friend's cousin is assisant to a very well know designer and she gets $60K (she is the second assistant). I also use to know an assistant in the financial world that made $95K, but she was ALWAYS on beck and call for her boss, and had to hop on planes a moments notice. She had no life and hated it.
  10. She get paid by Bravo to be on the show
  11. It's tough to be a personal assistant, it's doubly hard to be B's assistant. Without her family and BF there, it makes it even more difficult. I'm sure it's a combination of reasons, the BF explanation gives her a graceful exit without ruffling anyone's feathers.
  12. I live in NYC, had no idea they were paid so cheaply, eesh. not worth it! I know truck drivers who make that much
  13. I'm on the prowl looking for it....sure was a nice looking bag.
  14. I found out it's a Gucci Houndstooth Boston bag from 2011. I'm going to search it out myself. Good luck to us. ;)
  15. double that and it still wouldn't be enough to live in NY. once taxes come out of it, it's nothing.

    she has no strong reason to stay, bethany hit it big...i hope she gave her some kind of bonus when the deal was done.