(Chicago) - 40%-90% Off Retail Every Week


    Ah, the sights of fall in Chicago. Leaves are turning color along the lake path, huge piles of pumpkins in front of Stanley's and neighborhood kids are knocking on your door with sheets over their heads demanding candy. It can only mean one thing…it's time for fabulous new fall deliveries to Beta Boutique! So grab a handful candy corn and head over to Beta Boutique for a no-guilt wardrobe revival!

    What? Fabulous Fall Deliveries of the Best Designers @ 40-90% off Retail Every Week!
    When? Starting Friday 10/19 - November 18th, click here to see store hours
    Where? At our store! 2016 W. Concord Place, click here for location info
    Why?Because what's better than a pillowcase of candy? Scrumptious sumptuous fall sweaters, jackets, dresses and more at super sweet discounts of 40-90% off retail!

    A quick peek at what is in store THIS WEEKEND!….

    Busy This Weekend?Then save your shopping energy because over the next few weeks we'll be receiving our best collections EVER each Thursday & Friday at huge discounts from Betsey Johnson, Emma & Posh, Eros, Izaak, Juma, Wilen, Maya Knitwear, Margaret O'Leary, Debbie Schuchat, 1921 Denim, Tufi Duek and so much more all at our typically tempting, seriously satisfying discounts of 40-90% of retail! Keep posted to our website for latest great news of fast-breaking fashion deliveries!!! We’ll see you at the store, be there or be bare!