BET Awards

  1. Is anyone watching it? Beyonce just got off the stage and she was sooooooo good. Jay Z tapped her butt during the performance. Gotta love that. Plus the cast of Good Times gave out the first award WITH Janet Jackson lookin all skinny!
  2. I'm recording it. Can't wait to watch it
  3. YEP! Been GLUED to the television since the red carpet show! Beyonce looked great! Loved Chris Brown and Keishia Cole!

    Gotta Go! Young Joc is up now!!!! LOVE HIM!!!
  4. I really thought Beyonce was gonna win, but good for MJB.
  5. I thought B would win too. I'm love MJB and was very, very happy to see her win!

    Forgot to mention how much I loved Jamie Foxx! Met him once and LOVED HIM! Still do!
  6. Jamie was great. Better than expected. Busta just got off the stage and I loved his performance. They have had so many surprises tonight!
  7. YAYYYY!!! I'm so happy for Jamie and Kanye for Best Collaboration! I love that these ladies and gentlemen are sooooooo talented and so progressive! It inspires me.
  8. Will they re-run this? I'm too lazy to get up & check my cable guide.
  9. Yea, they will, but they don't replay like MTV.

    I can't wait for Prince to perform. I heard he's going to do Young Joc's dance.
  10., I'll get up to go watch it :P
  11. Ugh! I've missed most of the show! Darn.
  12. Did Rihana win for best new artist?
  13. No Chris Brown did.
  14. Who was that 2nd singer who performed a Chaka Khan song (after Yolanda Adams)? She looked so familiar but I can't place her....
  15. The Beyonce performance was hot! I am definitely getting on the treadmill tomorrow... I had to run out so didn't see any other performance. Who else performed?