BET Awards 2012

  1. Yes, that getup was
  2. Laz Alonso: lawd you sexy!!!
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    I can NOT believe this grown a$$ man (Rick Ross) has his pa ts damn near his knees
  4. Loving Frankie & Maze.
  5. whats happening now????
  6. This is a set up!
  7. Funny As hell
  8. Someone give Kerry a burger
  9. She was looking like all skin and bones.
  10. Why does Chris Brown not have a shirt on?
  11. Wake me up when Chris Brown is done
  12. Then you wouldn't be able to see his spray paint abs
  13. Can they ever get this show right. Damn, every damn year
  14. Debra lee looks like she's going to a funeral.
  15. Oh damn, here we go. Going to wash dishes now