Bestest deal EVAR!

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  1. What the hell is eBay doing that they allow people like this to be a part of their site?????????
  2. Making big $$$$$ on the listing fees. :sick:
  3. that's ridiculous.....obviously the person made multiple user names, made a "pretend purchase" to themselves, and then left positive feedback to themself. THEN cancelled the new user names.

    UGH i hate some people.
  4. At least, you know what you're getting into with this one. This isn't even a halfassed effort to look legit.
  5. This kind of s*~t pisses me off sooo bad. And sellers like myself get our authentic items removed plus a fine! UURRRRR!!!!!
  6. :wacko: The seller didn't even try to hide what they did! LOL The feedback comments aren't even comments....too weird!
  7. I just reported 4 of the items, all I have time for.
  8. Terrible, shame on him/her!!!:sad2:
  9. LMAO at the feedback
  10. How can we report to ebay about things like this? I recently warned a bidder who bidded on a fake paddy for $900 and the bidder informed the seller of my "intervention" and the seller reported me to ebay for intervening with his/her auction. Ebay sent me an email warning me that they will have to kick me off ebay if i do not stop "warning" bidders.. This is NOT FAIR..
  11. You can report an auction to eBay as fake, just copy/paste the item number and then go to the menu and select report. They should close the auction. I am really sick of eBay allowing fakes...they profit from the listing fees and then close the auctions IF they get caught. The other day they had a HIDEOUS white big pocket Paddington that was total garbage. It's gone now, so I am guessing someone reported it.
  12. I think the best thing is that when you report items, it's anonymous and it doesn't get you in trouble with eBay.

    Contacting buyers is generally not welcome because dumb people and scammers'll think you're interfering with their little affairs.