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  1. hi :smile: i tried doing a search for but only one post turned up so i was hoping to get a few more responses in a thread. also not sure if this is the right place for this but if not, sry! anyways!...
    does anyone have any experience with ? i am looking into getting the ray-ban 3025's and at the website they are $30 cheaper than in-store. anyone ever use this site? good/bad experiences? thanks!
  2. okay i thought i would just update this in case anyone was thinking of ordering from this site. i went to sunglass hut and bought the ray-ban 3025s for $150. but then i just had to check out this site and see how it was. SO i ordered the same pair of sunglasses from for $95 (had a $10 off coupon). i received them in the mail exactly one week after placing the order. and they're perfect! so the first pair went back to sunglass hut. just thought i'd post this in case anyone was curious about this site :smile: