Best zipper wallet?

  1. Living in a country where the smallest bill is equivalent to $10 I have to deal with a lot of change. So much change that regular wallets do not have enough room in the coin slots. But I often pay with bills and change so I don't want to use a coin purse and a wallet.
    So I came up with a solution.
    I want to get a zipper wallet and use the pockets for bills for coins and the zipped section for bills. I have to use six different coins on a daily basis, so I will divide the pockets into sections of six using tape.

    So I need your recommendations. I also want to make sure that the pocket walls are high enough so the coins don't slip into other parts of the wallet.
    I'm thinking about this one, but if you have any other ideas please tell me.

    Any suggestions? I hope I described it well enough.
  2. I love the LV Zippy wallets! Order one from elux & you could always return it!

    But I do LOOOVE the LV zippy!
  3. Not sure about the depth of the pocket walls of this Tusk wallet from the Kyoto Accessories collection:




    Italian vegetable dyed, polished calf with red leather interiors. Gusseted zip clutch with open pocket and outside zip coin pocket. Two generous inside compartments plus two billfolds, inside coin pocket and eight credit card slots.
  4. I use Cole Haan. Nicely made and a good price point -- around $125.
  5. glory where are you from? (I am assuming Japan since you put Tokyo in your city) - I used to live in Hong Kong and that was back before they reused the $10 bill - so I was stuck with coins up to my knees - the $10 coin and $5 are so damn heavy!

    I honestly would not use a zip wallet because I have seen the effect of those coins to the wallet - my mom had a LV zip wallet much like the one you wanted when she was in Hong Kong and she had so much coins in it that it practically wrecked the shape of the wallet - it pretty much deformed the wallet...

    So this is just a word of caution for you that's all - but I do think the LV wallet is very functional - but many other wallets of other brands have similar styles and they don't cost as much - I had a Juicy Couture zip around wallet that was excellet - I am not sure if that style is still out...
  6. OMG! I LOVE the LV Vernis Zippy Wallet... but I like it in the Pomme color!

    Or the LV Damier Zippy Wallet:p
  7. I think the zippy wallet will suit your needs just fine. I have the zippy organiser which is the larger version, and my money, coins and cards have never been so organised!

    I like that I can drop the coins and put the bills in at the same time when I get my change without fiddling around too much. KWIM?
  8. Couldn't you tell by the LV zippy wallet preference? lol
    Thanks for the word of caution. If I do end up buying it (it's number one on my list right now) I will definitely baby it and make sure I don't put too much in there. How many coins did your mom usually have in her wallet?
  9. I use the Prada continental leather of course. Very durable and full zip around style. Love it.
  10. I also recommend the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch! It's absolutely great!
  11. Right now Im using the Continental zip wallet in ivory from Michael Kors....I love it! Mid-range price of about $120.