Best zip top everyday shoulder bag

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  1. Which is the best zip top everyday shoulder bag for those of us who don't go to an office to work? It should have adequate room for shopping and gym. But definitely has to be able to zip. And the straps need to be comfortable on the shoulder. And one more thing... should lay pretty flat against the body.... so the Noe is pretty much out. Now solve the equation.
  2. What about the new Madeleines from the EPI line?
  3. I'm waiting for the new Palermo - sounds like it would be perfect.
  4. How about the Bolougne? I have been attracted to this bag lately.....:smile:
  5. How about

    Mono: Cabas Mezzor the Popincourt Haut or even the Hudson GM or the Tulum

    For Damier or Azur the Saleya MM, I have it in Azur and I love it.

    For Epi the new Madeleine is a beautiful bag. A red PM is going to be my next bag. This bag comes in Black, Ivoiry, or red

    And Demin how about the Neo Cabby or the Baggy. I have the Baggy PM and I got a long strap so I can wear it long across my body if I want.
  6. madeleine PM or GM
  7. i used to use my Popincourt Haut as an every day bag. it's very roomy and comfortable, and the zipper is so cute
  8. Cabas piano or mezzo or popincourt haut.
  9. palermo-saw it today, perfect with a long shoulder strap and zip top, can't wait
  10. I have the cabas mezzo wich is perfect and I'm also waiting for the new palermo wich is perfect if you don't like the vachetta bottom. The popincourt haut is cute,vbut i don't think it would have enough room for the gym
  11. What about a denim baggy GM?
  12. Mono: Popincourt Haut

    Damier: SO Cabas Mezzo
  13. Mono Mezzo,
    Damier Saleya
    Lockit H
    Antigua Cabas MM/GM
  14. Coussin GM
  15. Mono Popincourt Haut or Damier Saleya!