Best/Worts LV handbag..your opinion

  1. PLease write what is the best and worst LV bag like so.

    Best.Speedy 25(in mono or damier)
    Fits everything and is timeless classic.

    Worst.Sac Plat
    Not very good looking to me and does not look too comfortable.

    This are just my opinions,but of course...choosing the best is quite difficult,i love almost all of them lol:yes:
  2. To me:P:

    Best (in terms of comfort and being practical) - Noe:nuts: (what esle?!)

    Best (in terms of looks) - Mizi Vienna

    Worst - I can't say I hated it but the bag I tried and didn't like much was multipli-citi.:sad:
  3. This is just an opionion...I repeat...this is just an opinion....:P

    Best: All of the Damier line....hee hee hee... sorry, but thats how I feel...:shame:

    Worst: All of the Panda & cherry line...Sorry!:sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  4. Best- Speedy and Noe...very classic and practical

    Worst- sorry to all those who have this bag, don't take it personal!...but the Theda...I think it's got way too much vachetta and hardware going on
  5. Wow, I don't know if I could choose!

    Best: Speedys of all kinds because they hold so much and have such a classic shape.

    Worst: Fringe bags because of all of the fringes. I like the multicolor, and I like the little charms at the end of the fringes, but all of that fringe reminds me of Dr. Zoidberg.

    I'm sorry, please don't throw rocks at me!
  6. :roflmfao: LOL:roflmfao: I still love the bag though, it some how has grown on me!!
  7. lolz..:roflmfao:
    best: speedy, shirley and ph
    not so worse: the being "high maintenance" on vernis... but i love it though
    worst: mini monogram..... (i don't mean the styles... i had a josephine and sold it mainly because it's not that durable) IMO....:shame:
  8. Best: Speedy & Papillon

    Worst: The fringe collection (SORRY! don't throw eggs!)
  9. BEST: manhattan Gm & multipli-cite & MC Speedy

    Worst: none ^_^
  10. Best: Speedy 25
    Classic, goes with almost everything, holds a lot.

    Worst: Fringe (It's just not something I personally could pull off but looks good on the right person.)
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I love that !! You even have a picture for reference - too funny !

    I think Louis Vuitton may have taken some missteps with some limited edition bags. I'm not particularly fond of the eponge (towel) bags.. or the mesh francis. There were also these like limited edition bags that were part spotted fur (not the mink bags), they were so terrible, it looked like a bag trying to be Tarzan.

    Anyways, think happy Vuitton thoughts ! :yes:

    As to good bags, there are quite a few and I'm far from able to name a "best".
  12. I like most all of the lines/bags, except I never liked the Ambre line. I just didn't like the idea of a pretty much see through, plastic bag. Wasn't really my thing.
  13. best: Papillion 30 and speedy 30

    worst: the fringe collection & monogram mini (so glad it's being discontinued) and monogram perfo. yuck! just my own opinion anyway =)

    worst but own it anyway : my cabas piano because the bottom sucks! but i still love it ha ha
  14. Best: Hmm.. Damier bags with the to-die-for red lining.. :love:

    Worst: I have to agree with the above suggestions of the fringe line... And I'd like to add that the Dalmatian bag is quite ugly.. I thought it was fake when I saw it. :sweatdrop:
  15. Best: Vienna and monogram mat/vernis/glace for monogram style (basically "embossed" monogram look)

    Worst: MC Speedy cause they tend to look cheap (don't hurt me...!) and have too much going on... (sorry...)