Best & worst of ‘07!

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  1. WORST!

    Crash-and-burn young Hollywood

    Went to jail.

    Totally lost it.

    Got busted for drugs.
    These stars were no angels before 2007, but this year they really tumbled over the edge. The frantic what-will-she-do-next coverage was fun to read, but it ignored one thing: These women need help. Let’s hope they get it together in 2008—and then we can all go back to obsessing over their relationships, their hair and their handbags.

    Janice Dickinson’s eating disorder plug
    “I’m dying to find [models] who are too thin…. I wish they’d come down with anorexia.”
    The modeling agency owner’s remark about the skinny model trend isn’t just boneheaded; it’s actually kind of evil. Bloggers and thinking people in general called her on it, but she hasn’t formally apologized. What’s the matter, Janice? Low blood sugar?

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  2. BEST!

    Gutsy new moms
    Melanie Brown and Bridget Moynahan remained thrilled about their pregnancies even after their relationships fell apart, just like’s Storked! blogger, Christine Coppa, did. Are their lives Christmas-card perfect? Nope. Are they proud mommies? Absolutely.


    The year of the belt
    With all of the crazy accessories around—40-pound earrings, bondage heels—the ever-flattering belt was a welcome comeback.
    dosl03_bestandworst.jpg dosl04_bestandworst.jpg
  3. WORST!
    Celebs behaving weirdly
    • Pampering a pup is one thing, but wheeling yours around in a stroller is extreme.
    • After Naomi Campbell got community service for clonking an employee with a cell phone, she showed up for duty in a fur coat—an action she defended by saying, “I’ve never looked drab in my life.”
    • What’s more outrageous? Skimming a book while at the wheel, or skimming a scrapbook about yourself while at the wheel? paris, c’mon!


    Eco-cool stars
    Fergie sold her Hummer on eBay and earmarked the proceeds for Global Green USA; Sienna Miller became a spokesperson for the environmental awareness campaign Global Cool; and Sarah Michelle Gellar started riding a bike to do errands. Who says green’s not flattering on everyone?
    dosl05_bestandworst.jpg dosl06_bestandworst.jpg
  4. WORST!

    Insane lashes
    Wearing falsies that look like they could maim someone: not all that attractive. Avril, set your eyes free!


    Champs under fire
    In the fallout following Don Imus’ nasty comments about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, the players said they felt “hurt, anger and disgust” over the incident—but kept their cool, and their dignity. They faced down the legendary shock jock without ever stooping to his level.
    dosl07_bestandworst.jpg dosl08_bestandworst.jpg
  5. BEST!

    Hollywood couples work it out in therapy
    Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley, and Kelly Preston and John Travolta all admitted they’d gone to couples therapy, proving that movie-perfect relationships exist in only one place: the movies. So reassuring for the rest of us!


    Katie’s bob
    It exudes confidence and all sorts of chic. It looks almost as cute on her as it does on Suri.
    dosl09_bestandworst.jpg dosl10_bestandworst.jpg
  6. BEST!

    The funny women of YouTube
    Cubegirl saved 9-to-5-ers, Alanis Morissette shook her thing in a parody of Fergie’s “My Humps” and a female student starred in “My Box in a Box,” a take on the wildly circulated SNL skit “Dick in a Box”—even more LOL than the original. Go to to see our 2007 YouTube favorites.


    False modesty
    It’s refreshing that they’re not wearing their egos on their sleeves, but come on guys, you’re beautiful!
    “I might fit into jeans, but trust me, I look really awful naked.”
    —Victoria Beckham
    “I have fat knuckles.”
    —Jessica Biel
    “I have, like, shaky arms and love handles.”
    —Katharine McPhee
    dosl11_bestandworst.jpg dosl12_bestandworst.jpg
  7. Best!

    So many celebs having kids! It's nice to see pregnancy in all its glamour!


    So much ridicule of Britney Spears, who is clearly mentally ill and needs serious help. (don't worry, I won't pull a Chris Crocker, though)
  8. BEST!

    Great parent (dubious rapper)


    The Daddy-Dearest trend
    David Hasselhoff’s 17-year-old shot a video of him in a drunken stupor. Alec Baldwin left a voice mail calling his daughter a “little pig.” And Oprah’s dad began shopping a tell-all book behind her back. Who ever thought K-Fed would end up looking so good?
    dosl13_bestandworst.jpg dosl14_bestandworst.jpg
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about the Baldwin thing.


    Rosie O'Donnell. Period.