Best/Worst LV Bags Of 2007

  1. Ok guys, so we are nearing the end of 2007, tell us, all, in your personal opinion, the 3 best/worst LV bags of 2007!

    And let's not get too personal, this is to be done in fun and good humour. :tup:
  2. Well, to me the three best are;
    1) Mirage speedy
    2) Motard biker
    3) black denim Neo Cabby
    I am not sure what the worst would be, 2007 was a pretty good year!
  3. Haha, and I forgot to list my own choices
    For Best:
    1) Neo Cabby Black
    2) Tivoli PM
    3) Mirage Speedy

    Am still working on my Worst list... ;)
  4. The worst? 3 words:

    Patchwork. Tribute. Bag

    I really liked the Soana and Olympe collections as well as the Tivoli and Ursula.
  5. BEST:
    [] Montard Biker
    [] Limelight Clutch
    [] Vernis Pegase
    [] Damier Lune Cabas
    [] Limelight Clutch
    [] Hawaii style keepall
    [] Griet
    [] Sophie

    [] TOO many RED/Pink Vernis colours (sorry not a bag LOL)
  6. Best:
    1) Griet
    2) Tivoli
    3) Mirage Speedy

    Patchwork EVERYTHING!
  7. Best:
    1) Mirage Speedy
    2) Mini Lin Croisette Speedy [love the colors :biggrin:]
    3) Limelight Clutch

    1) Tribute Bag
    2) Tribute Bag
    3) Tribute Bag
  8. Best:

    - Tivoli
    - Mahina Xl
    - Neo Cabby


    - Patchwork
    - Mono Griet
    - Limelight Clutch
  9. Best:
    1)Motard Biker
    3)Hampstead (is this from 2007?)
    4)Griet in Exotic :drool:

    patchwork or tribute is definetly bad!
  10. ^^ohh how I'd forgotten the patchwork- I can honestly say I never understood that collection's appeal.
  11. The 3 best of 2007:

    - Neo Cabby in black
    - Griet in Damier
    - Griet in Damier:okay:
  12. Best:

    Mirage Griet

    MC griet.
  13. IMO, the worst bags this year were the LV wanna-bes --

    The Victoria's Secret Speedy
    The Bebe "rivete"
    The Playboy Speedy

    And the runners up: all the fakes that tried to make the grade and couldn't.

    Did we ever find out who bought the Tribute?
  14. The tribute bag. :tdown:

    What on earth was Marc Jacobs thinking?
  15. I know Beyoncé has one...