Best/Worst Chanel SA Experience

  1. I just purchased new Chanel earrings and my SA was so helpful.

    The earrings are from the Fall/Winter collection...pearl drop with a print on them (5, CC, Coco's profile, etc.).

    She showed me many styles, was patient and seemed genuine. She spent about 30 minutes with me and I will definitely go back to her.

    I was curious to hear about your experiences at Chanel.

    1. BEST SA Experience, Location
    (boutique/city or department store/city)

    2. WORST SA Experience, Location
    (boutique/city or department store/city)
  2. Um well I don't want to say their name because this guy was very sweet I just think he went over the line for a bit. It is an SA in NY, he was very helpful and totally "gay and fabulous, I am your best friend." He asked for my email address and wrote me a long letter but also attached some photos of himself where his bare butt was being posed and some other things as well. It was art or something, being photographed by his boyfriend but really too much for me!!
  3. Maria .. at NM of Willowbend mall of Plano/Dallas

    she is just an all around good employee!she calls us everytime new bags are i, she wrote us letters for trunk shows, thankyou notes....

    BUT ... her CoWorker.. the OTHER chanel specialist, shanon ... she gives us the worst times.... i dont want to be jumpy or n e thing but i think shes racist... whenever we ask for a bag... she looks like we are wasting her time or something.. we never buy from her though... its maria that gets our commission... when maria is not there.... she fails to call us when new bags are in..... i give her the look when im in there she is just a B****!!!
  4. I don't remember their names but here's my experience

    BAD - Saks in NYC: I was in a hurry and I just wanted to pick up a pair of earrings so I went in, look around and made my decision within 5 minutes. The sales (woman) was just normal, showing me the earrings when I ask to.. so I bought my earrings, walk out next door to stop by dior, and decided to take a look at the earrings while i'm in there, and I found out that the earrings were defective :wtf: it's the CC logo with little pearls on it and it's missing a pearl.. so I walked back and she exchanged it for me, no problem. but then when I got home and took a look at the receipt, I found out she charged me for the WRONG item which costs $10 more, different style number and all, I had no idea how she rang up the other item, since there are TWO bar codes, one on the tag attached to the earrings and one on the box. how can you be so careless and make two mistakes in one transaction?? I felt like I was shopping at some shady shop instead of at Saks! :rant:

    GOOD - Saks in Chevy Chase, MD. This time, a guy, was very helpful, didn't mind me asking him all the questions about sales and in the end invited me to their fall preview trunk show even though I didn't buy anything that day
  5. Hey girls...any other good experiences? I love to hear how Chanel SAs around the world treat their clients the best!
  6. Erica - Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA. She was very helpful + patient and even went in the back to get a non-display bag for me without me even asking.
  7. I've heard stories about a scary SA at the Chanel in Neiman Marcus San Francisco. Anyone deal with her? I'm going to SF soon and will be looking at both the boutique on Maiden Lane and at the Chanel counter in NM.
  8. WORST: Chanel Boutique in Beverly Hills-I went upstairs by myself to women's RTW to look at the jackets, and though I'm sure the SAs saw me, no one bothered to greet me or ask if I needed help, even though I stood on the floor waiting for them, so I went upstairs by myself. When I got there, there was this one particular jacket I was interested in, but the only one left was on the dummy--and it was my size! I looked around to see if there were any SAs there, but I saw only the security guard. So I tried to take the jacket off the dummy, and instead of asking if he could find a SA for me, he snickered at me. It was too hard to take the jacket off, so I just went back downstairs and AGAIN waited for help, but no one offered it, even though I saw 2 or 3 SAs just standing around. So I left...Funny, though, that once in a while, I pop in just to see the bags, and someone always greets me NOW, but of course, I have never bought anything from there.

    BEST: I've always had great service at Saks in Beverly Hills. I just bought a pink caviar 2.55. I'll post pics later.