Best working bag for Dear BF

  1. Dear tpfers.... well, here is the story.... my dear b/f is looking for a nice working bag. i think he prefer leather, sturdy, messenger style and can fit laptop perfectly in plus enough space to put documents or else. Well, i'm not familiar with man bag, and looking at eluxury didnt give me or him any clue which bag what we/he should get.... i really need your guys suggestion and opinion. What is your bf/ or dh most favourite working bag? and, is there any of you wearing andrei or alexei to the office? do you guys love these bag?

    opinions and suggestions are highly appreciate. :yes:
  2. The Utah!
  3. my bf uses the taiga viktor messenger bag in ardoise for work. he likes the bag b/c it looks good with both work clothes and casual clothes. you should take into consideration the work environment when deciding on a bag for your bf. my bf works in a very conservative environment (he works at a hedge fund firm), so he can't carry anything too flashy. the andrei and alexei are also good choices.
  4. hi couturecreature, :smile: welcome.... the utah? i kinda confius, is it utah suppose to be a leather? i mean, like nomade leather?
  5. hi jennypuh, thank you soooo muchhh for your suggestion, :smile:)))... viktor taiga messenger bag? hmm, i will surely have him to have close look on it. He is also work in a verrry conservative environment. He is a lawyer.
  6. Taiga Dersou
  7. For sure the Taiga leather, I think black is the best. I don't know what model, not familiar with taiga. The monogram is for men as well...
  8. As much as I like the Viktor, it can be a tight squeeze with a laptop because it is only 13 inches wide. I recommend the Alexei. It fits a laptop better and has the koala closure.
  9. thank you Mr. Posh Spice, tgb01, and euroaddict.

    Mr. Posh Spice, btw, are you a guy, hehe... i mean, do you use this bag?

    tgb01 and euroaddict, mmm... maybe alexei is great choice.
  10. Yes, the utah is leather too. It's not as scratchable as the nomade though. I think it's pretty hardy and the darker brown appeals to me better.
  11. i bought my ex the Taiga Viktor in Ardoise, and he's madly in love with it. the leather is exquisite, and it's scratch-resistant too
  12. I like the taiga viktor.