Best Workhorse Reveal

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  1. So, I was stalking this bag since I got an email ad about it at the beginning of the year or season (don‘t remember anymore)!

    When it got into sale, I was still torn because it was still pricey and not so dressy as my usual bags.
    Then it was sold out. SOLD OUT. I was devastated. BUT, it eventually popped up again during sale and then I was fortunately fast enough to snatch it!

    And it just arrived! Wanna see?!



    Everything is so nicely packed for the travel!



    Any guesses?!
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  2. Hm, I guess most people are still at work or whatever...

    I‘ll continue the striptease anyway:



    Yay, Bayswater Backpack in oxblood!!!




    The leather feels fabulously thick and smells divine... Still the bag is pretty lightweight. Love everything sofar.

    So now: I have been recherching the forum and the internet before my purchase. There were only few rather older threads about this bag.

    Are there other owners of this backpack and what are their experiences with it?
    Does it slouch with time (I rather dislike slouching... I like it boxy)?
    How has it hold up with use?
    I would love to hear other experiences and whether other owners love their bag!
  3. I have a Bayswater backpack too and it’s so useful. I first ordered the oxblood but exchanged for a clay as the oxblood was a bit too strong a colour for me—much as I love it.

    I actually sometimes lie on
    My bed with it next to me to smell it’s lovely leather

    Great bags!
  4. Thank you!
    Btw: We have the same name!

    I was also deciding between oxblood and clay. Clay is a beautiful neutral shade!

    I finally choose oxblood because I thought it fit my wardrobe better and I intend to use it for work, too (chic and useful!). I already have a Hopton in oxblood and so I already knew what color to expect.
  5. Sistah!
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  6. Lovely bag - I was looking at this bag a couple of weeks ago and thought it was beautiful. Hope you really enjoy using
  7. Gorgeous gorgeous bag!! Love it!
  8. Great choice!
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    Sorry, the purseforum app did something wrong with my photos. Even I could not see my own photos. So weird that app.
    I repost the rest in the next post.
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  10. Thank you so much! I haven‘t use it yet, but I did some modeling shots.
    I look a bit like a schoolgirl though, but it is still cute. I am 5‘2“ for reference.



  11. You both look wonderful!
  12. You look fantastic! I love your dress too
  13. Thank you so much! Tomorrow I will take her to work. I am excited to see how it works for work!
  14. Looks great on you! Enjoy
  15. Looks gorgeous to me. I have oxblood in the new Bayswater and I love the leather and the colour. Hope you enjoy using the bag for work!