Best work tote?

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  1. I am looking for a bag to carry files, papers, a small lunch, that is closed on top and that will last me for a while and that I don't have to worry about, but has some character. Do you all have any suggestions?

  2. the Chloe Edith bag is a good choice
    It has a very structured look and the leather is very durable. But it might be a little heavy though
  3. LV LockIt Horizontal. Big enough to carry all tt you mentioned & w a zippered top. But...there's the vachetta...if u dun mind the patina and possible water marks. But there's always applegarde ;)
    Coach totes are great ....esp the gallery totes. I think most of them have a zippered top.
  4. LV damier azur/damier saleya gm. I wouldn't want a work tote covered in logos.
  5. ^^I use the regular damier saleya gm. It holds alot and you can zip it if you like.
  6. I use the Luco tote by Louis Vuitton
  7. balenciaga work :yes:
    it's not a heavy bag, can fits a lot, it had front pockets, can pick on a lot range of colours too :smile:
  8. How about a cheap prada nylon tote?
  9. When I was looking for a similar style of bag, another lovely tpf member(hlfinn) recommended the LV Passy which I now have in black and could not have done better - it is wonderful and so much more wonderful that any of the 'they're okay' bags I considered before hlfinn worked her magic!
  10. I agree with the Edith :smile:
  11. Mulberry Bayswater - I have two and love them :yes:
  12. SO Cabas Mezzo Damier...indestructible, huge and comfy to carry. LOVES IT
  13. longchamps le pliage?
  14. IMO, LV Cabas Mezzo always looks sharp. Personally I use the Botkier crosby hobo in sienna and black. Holds a lot and always get compliments from clients and colleagues.