Best "work" bag?

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  1. I am a junior in college and will be interviewing for full-time jobs in the near future. I'd like to go to interviews looking as presentable as I can. As of now I have been carrying a brown shoulder bag and carrying my resumes in a leather portfolio.

    The only bag that I *need* is a bag for work. So far I've been thinking of the LV Alma in black epi leather or the Mulberry Bayswater in black. I think these are great classic yet understated bags because I don't want to send the message to my interviewers that I spend beyond my means.

    My considerations for the perfect "work" bag:
    -Truly an investment bag, one that I will be able to carry to work for years to come
    -$1500 maximum
    -Classic and understated enough for a conservative work environment
    -Large enough to fit folder/papers
    -Doesn't SCREAM luxury in the way that a lot of Chanel bags do... since I would be applying for an entry-level job I probably shouldn't look like I make more than my boss does...

    Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. Yes-go for the Mulberry! It'll never go out of style, hold a lot (I use mine for university) and holds up extremely well (I usually put mine on the pavement whenever I'm parking my bike). It's the perfect bag!
  3. I haven't seen the Mulberry in person but it looks very slouchy in pictures. That's my only reservation about the Bays.
  4. My Prada deerskin Cervo Tote -- at about 15x12x8 -- is large enough to hold my laptop, files, a binder or folders. It has an open top between 2 zip tops which brackett the open section. When I undo the side snaps, the width increases from 15 to about 17 inches. It has 2 outside zip pockets for passports or e-tickets, but if you prefer, it also has an inner zip pocket which is larger. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, but I also place the chain handles over my shoulder.

    I bought mine from Bluefly when they had an extra 10% off, and I love it more than a briefcase. Price was $1437. It's model #BR4277 and comes in black (mine), brown and amaretto.

    A caveat: due to the wonderful leather and chain handles, some women find it "heavy," although I do perfectly fine with it. Bluefly lists its weight at 4.5 lbs.

  5. Prada is meant to be a career girl's brand, which is why I think it's a smart choice. It's also sleek, modern, edgy, yet understated.
    If you don't like Prada, Gucci makes really nice simple, black leather briefcase.
    Aside from that, I agree with Graciella- Muberry makes lots of nice bags that would work in a work environment.
    There, I'm out of ideas.. :smile:
  6. You might want to see if you can track down a Coach tribeca tote - the leather is really lovely, the large size can easily hold A4 documents and the strap drop is long enough that you can wear the bag on your shoulder.
  7. ps1, fendi peek-a-boo,
  8. Treesje Avalon satchel. Very expensive looking, but inexpensive, great quality, and doesn't scream about its brand.

  9. hey - get outta here!:lecture:
  10. this thread is great, I've actually been on the look out too for new work bags. Keep the suggestions coming!!
  11. I love Mulberry's Bayswater, they have teamed up with Apple and one of the Bays in black patent has a specially padded insert to protect your laptop... if you're thinking of buying a bag for long term use and you will be using a laptop in your new job, this might be the perfect buy for you. I also like the Mulberry Alexa, I use mine for the office and it has a mix of modern & retro look to it. I love it but I feel it will become dated and I'll be after a newer model before the year is out.
    Good luck xoxo
  12. Depends on the leather they're made from, I find the standard black, chocolate & oak quite slouchy too. The patent ones are quite the opposite as are the calf hair ones (yuk) as they seem to have more stable insides which keeps the shape better.
  13. do you have pictures of the mulberry with the laptop space or can direct me to a website where i can see it?

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