Best "work" bag?

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  1. I love Tano bags, and am trying to find the perfect work bag. I ordered the Amanda in Lawn, and it's beautiful, but because there is no real "bottom" I am not sure it will work as a "work" bag. I am debating keeping it. Does anyone use this as a work bag?

    I usually carry some files, maybe a 3-ring binder and sometimes my SMALL laptop. My laptop is 11.5x8, so pretty small.

    What are your suggestions?

  2. I would highly recommend Jane Reaction, but its a Spring bag that is widely sold out.

    There is a new version coming out for Fall called up close and personal.

    There is another new version coming out for Spring as well (end of January delivery)
  3. I use my lawn amanda playwith for work sometimes. I would vote for Up Close and Personal as well! It's like a beautiful crunch leather tote bag with two outside pockets! So cute, I might get it in grape!
  4. How about the La Vie En Rose?
  5. Am I just too tired? I cannot seem to find the up close and personal on the must have bag site...

  6. That is a great suggestion!
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    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Okay, the Up Close and Personal will be:


    Dimensions are 13.5” wide x 12”tall x 4” wide and has a non-adjustable 12'' drop length

    It will not be available in grape from MHB but you can always call and see if they can place a special order when they get their other ones.

    This is what the email said about this bag from MHB:

    Unfortunately, we will not be carrying Up Close and Personal in grape, it will be available in avocado, black, mandarin, and truffle though. If you are interested in pre ordering this item please give our office a call at 914-301-5024 between 9AM and 5PM and we would be more than happy to assist you.
  8. Of course! I just looked and went, woo hoo in grape that's the bag for me! Then I read your message! :smile: Who will have the grape one? When can I order this and when will it get here? I am THISCLOSE to packing up the Amanda to go back so I can get this bag! :smile:

    TygerKitty, have you seen this bag in person, or just online? Thanks so much for the link. Any chance you know what color trim the grape will have (please say black).

    Man, now I am all excited!!

    I like the La Vie En Rose, but am not in love with any of the colors.

    Man, now I need to email MHB about the grape!

    Thanks so much!
  9. I'm not sure who will have the grape one..... I'd have to check my emails again lol! I've only seen the bag online... I buy tons of stuff online! lol It will either have tonal purple trim or black... MHB would know so include that question in your email! I think grape with black trim or pom with black trim would be SO hot for that bag!

    I'll brb with info from LB and TOB lol
  10. Okay...

    That's Our Bag has the following styles on order in grape:
    3219 - Minilisa
    3721 - French Nanny
    9897 - Boogie Bucket
    3838 - Creepy Crawler
    3977 - Slide Inside
    3994 - Best Dressed
    4017 - It's A Rap
    4045 - Rev N Night
    4053 - Out with a Bang
    4058 - Triple Treat
    4065 - Self Service
    4078 - Show Girl

    And Luna Boston has:
    Three Fer
    Up Close and Personal
    Back on Top

    If you order from Luna Boston make sure to use "grechen" as a code during check out and save yourself 20%! They don't have this bag up on their website yet though!
  11. When will the bags be shipped? You mentioned this was new for fall? What does "fall" mean for them, the beginning or end of fall? Thanks for answering all my questions, I am new to this! :smile:

  12. lol its okay! Fall bags are just starting to be released and it seems like pomegranate and blueberry are coming first! I really don't know when the rest will be released... they are running a bit behind. Hopefully we will start being able to see these other styles in late August and into September! I really don't know though... I would email Luna Boston and MHB about this particular bag.

    I'm fairly new to tano as well.. I've only been aware of the brand for a few months! Welcome to Tano and TPF by the way in case I haven't welcomed you on another thread already ;)
  13. Oh! Also, MHB does price matching (but the bag has to be up on both websites first) and if you preorder with MHB you won't be charged until they actually have the bags ready to ship!
  14. Thank you SO much!! I am going to pack up the Amanda tomorrow and send it back. I will send an email to LB (who I bought it from) and ask about the grape up close! WOO HOO!!

    I LOVE the blueberry, but it didn't look like the up close was coming in that color, bummer!

    Thanks again!