Best work bag

  1. I need a professional bag that is big enough to carry my laptop and personal belongings around with me, yet still look sleek. Anyone have suggestions?
  2. Have you checked out Nice quality briefcases and totes, good prices.
  3. Balenciaga Work!
  4. There are lots of great work bags out there. Do you have price range in mind? Any other requirements that may help us narrow it down?
  5. No price range so go nuts!! :tup:
    I will be needing to wear it with a business suit so I guess something more conservative. I was thinking something along the lines of a Coach leather gallery tote, but a bit tired of Coach (plus all the other ladies at work have the exact bag). Something that style though.
  6. I recommend the following: a Tod's new D-bag media, an LV Epi Passy GM, or a Lambertson Truex Derby Colt tote.
    Tod's D-bag.jpg LV Epi Passy GM black2.jpg LT Derby Colt 1.jpg
  7. ^These are great suggestions!

    I'd also recommend the Chanel Cerf Tote.
  8. The LV Passy GM is a beautiful work bag!
    I have a LV Saleya which I have carried my lap top in. If you want a great Coach bag go for the Ergo Hobo Large Tote. Its so much nicer that the other Coach totes I think and is flatter but really roomy.
  9. My good friend like Balenciaga very much, and I am ready to get one for her for Christmas. These days I searched a lot online and found this one
    It's made from the finest quality distressed leather. Double handle and strap serves 2 carrying purposes. Center zipper main compartment.
  10. Great question! Any other suggestions?
  11. Instead of the gallery totes from Coach, the hamptons ones are nice & functional as well but different than what people at your work have. The Hamptons carryalls are really nice. If price is not an issue, the Vintage Leather Large Carryall is gorgeous & will really stand out:


    If this is not business-appropriate, the other Hamptons bags (with signature patterns or non-vintage leather) are great for this environment.

    Let us know what you get!! :tup:
  12. do you carry a handbag with a work bag? i have found that i am not carrying my medium-sized handbags and am just carrying my workbag during the week... which means that my expensive handbags only get used on the weekends.

    do most of you carry 2 bags?
  13. The Botkier Sasha Duffle--also search for the words "work" and "laptop" and you'll find some other good threads on this.