Best Women Trousers 5'2" sz.1-2

  1. Hello ladies
    I need some help,cant seem to find the right [wide/loose]trouser for my petite frame.I always have to talior the ones I get because ther soo long. What brand do you wear/or recommend that fits JUST right with no alterations ?

  2. I am 5'1 and have to alter any type of pants I buy as they are just made toooo long. I have a couple of pairs of trouser like pants from juicy couture, also bebe fits pretty well.
  3. My sister is your size, and I think she buys a lot of her pants from Banana Republic. She gets the petites, which now also come in 00. J. Crew also has petites. Both stores predominantly sell their petites online. You can also try Ann Taylor. They have petites in the store and online.
  4. I find that Ann Taylor Petites pants fit me best. I'm 5'2". They're still a little on the long-ish side, but just right to wear with heels.
  5. I would second Banana Republic. Their pants not only come in a petite frame (which is proportional to a PETITE frame rather than just a sized-down version of their regular frame) but also in different body types and rises (contoured for more curvy girls, and high/medium/low rise). Right now they have wideleg cuts available in their winter and spring collections.
  6. honestly, I buy all regular trousers and have them hemmed unless I plan to wear with flats or sandals. JCrew and Banana Republic petites have really short inseams - I'm about 5'2 and I find that they are not long enough to wear with heels. I need an inseam of about 32 inches - and BR and JCrew petites come with inseams of 30 or 31 inches. So I just get regular pants and have them hemmed. Its a pain, but I'd rather have the correct length! I have yet to find petite pants that are long enough to wear with heels...
  7. a previous supervisor of mine was 5'1 and a size zero and she bought a lot of her trousers at express. she never compained on having to have them hemmed that i can remember. good luck!
  8. I like BCBG & Theory pants. You will still need to them them hemmed up but at least you don't need any other kind of alteration to them.
  9. Definitely Banana Republic :yes:
  10. i LOVE BR but have never thought to actually try on their petite pants, isnt that crazy? lol.

    im that exact same size. except i have a really small waist and pretty small hips but my thighs are purely footballer's..ahh.
  11. I have literally tried everything, and I was shocked when a few months ago, I discovered that the Drew Fit pants from The Limited were my perfect pants. I literally bought two in every color like make. FYI, I am 5'3 and a 0 in these. They aren't petite, but I have no issues with them being too long...even today, and I am wearing flats.
  12. Theory... they even have size 00.