Best wireless internet connection service for laptops?

  1. Hi, Ladies

    I'm about to start doing a lot of travel to promote my business.
    I'm getting a new laptop for this work. :yahoo:

    What wireless internet service provider should I sign up with?

    I will be traveling mostly to West Coast major cities: SF, Vancouver, LA, Seattle, etc.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. i work at best buy, so i'm familiar with aircards - i wouldn't use AT&T, their aircards are so crappy that we actually won't even carry them. we recommend Verizon, they have an excellent coverage area and their rate is basically the same as everyone else's - $60/month
  3. My husband works for Verizon. We just got an aircard and I'm actually using it right now. I'm surprised at how fast it is! Its just as fast as cox highspeed internet. He said it would be like dial up...but its much faster than that. The speed probably varies depending on where you are.
  4. Im sure verizon is good..I had them b4.

    Right now I have an aircard w/ Sprint. It's about $60 a month too.
  5. Thank you, Ladies!

    I'll check out both companies.
  6. I have Sprint. And they work fine I also pay $60 a month.
  7. If I understand your question correctly by connection and service, I would not go with Comcast. My laptop has an airport card in it that is "connects" with a linksys router and the internet is comcast high speed internet. Their customer service, quite frankly, is a pita. When I first got their service, it didn't work at first, and I talked to literally almost 20 different people, they would either tell me the wrong thing, hang up on me, connect me to the wrong person, hang up on me, or give me some sad excuse. It was a wild goose chase and it was ridiculous. I also notice how sometimes in the middle of the night, like at 4-5am, the internet is much slower than daytime hours. I hope that's what you meant by connection, if not I apologize.:shame: