Best websites with great recipes?

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  1. Another tPFr turned me on to this great recipe website:

    I love it! I also find good recipes at

    Do you have any great recipe websites to share?

    Say yes!
  2. I use this quite a bit for holiday entertaining
    (I can find any recipe by typing in the ingredients I have on hand) (celebrity chefs - I especially like The Barefoot Contessa)

    I think the most sophisticated recipe site is Saveur magazine's at: fantastic recipes and stories from around the world
  3. i too love epicurious and the foodnetwork sites. epicurious also has a link to bon appetit and gourmet magazines, and has the recipes they've published for the past 5 years or so-500 pages worth each. i just went through all of them and found some great ones :drool:
  4. I like,, and!
  5. I use the food network and cooking light all the time for recipes. I also use, for some recipes and cooking tips, which is better in a way because they have videos of everything so you can watch and see what they're doing.
  6. I always use There are a variety of recipes on there-from ones from famous TV chefs to ones from people like us. Love it!
  7. Kam, I was going to suggest those too! My easy go to place is because I look up stuff right after I watch it on tv.
  8. Another good source for recipes is the official website for the main ingredient, KWIM?
    Like, for fresh cranberry sauce recipes I went to Or when I wanted a recipe for pumpkin pie that used cane sugar I went to

    Another one that has some tasty recipes is (Skippy's website). Since these websites are trying to sell more of their product, the recipes are almost always good.

    I also use, and a lot. I love websites that offer ratings and reviews!
  9. Claire, I totally agree! Some of the best staple recipes are right on the back of the box! But now, you can go to their websites and get even more! Betty crocker and bisquick come to mind!
  10. ^That's so true!

    My dad is sick so I brought him matzo ball soup I made using the recipe on the canister of matzo meal. He said they were best he's ever had and my mom asked me for the recipe :P
  11. Thanks for all the great suggestions!!!