Best Websites To Purchase Fragrances.

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  1. I have checked out the thread for favorite signature fragrances and I have saw you all list your favorite perfumes. Some I have never heard of. But my question is what's the best place I can order perfumes online with excellent customer service. I know Sephora is one of them but they don't have ALL the best fragrances.

  2. Hello, since you mentioned great customer service, I'd like to give a shout out - as ever :smile: - to Etsy.

    Perhaps you could visit this lady's shop and check out the feedback first?


    Quoting from a satisfied customer:

    "LOVE the perfume you created for me called Fanciful!!! I am so happy with it!! It is really great having my own personal perfume!! PrairieLux did an awesome job putting my favorite scents into one! The smell is absolutely heavenly! I highly recommend PrarieLux to create a personal fragrance!! Thank you!!"
  3. Fragrance.Net and Scented Monkey are both great sites with good prices!
  4. It really depends on what perfume you're looking for. Some online stores - like or or - have a return policy (which can be useful.) But the stores that sell the perfumes that I generally wear (which are more 'niche' perfumes) don't have return policies - instead they sell samples. I personally recommend and for their wide selection of the more exclusive sort of fragrance.
  5. Thanks, ladies! I have heard of a couple that you have mentioned. I like the idea of having your own perfume created just for you. I just might look into that. I hope I get more responses. I know there are some more out there.

    Again, thanks for looking out.
  6. I believe that a perfumer named Dawn Spencer Hurwitz also makes custom perfumes (if that is what you are interested in.) She is verrrry expensive though from what I understand (and what perfumes I have sampled of hers I have not liked; however, I do know others who like her a lot so ymmv.)
  7. Last year I went on a compulsive streak of buying perfumes. I bought them from Sephora, Nordstrom Rack and I tried Overstock. I bought 4 from Overstock and they were good, except for one that leaked a little, but I still complained. They sent me another bottle of the Gucci and told me to keep the one that was leaking.
  8. Hummm...I just might check out and see what they got. Thanks!
  9. I agree. If you love niche fragrances... you will love Aedes!
  10. - not just for fragrances, but where i get CDLM & other skincare too!
  11. perfumebay or perfume emporium
  12. on you can order samples to see if you like before you buy.