Best websites / catalogs for home decor?

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  1. I'm moving to a new state and will starting fresh with decorating. It's going to be so much fun!

    What are your favorite websites and catalogs for home decor?

    I like classic, French, and Italian decor. I dislike modern.

    My favorites are
    Museum gift shops, like NYC Metropolitan and Chicago Institute

    I'd love to learn more sources from you, if you would please share.

  2. 1) - great stuff and sometimes they run good sales/promos. I picked up some couch pillows and Fornasetti plates from them recently. Top notch customer service as well.
    2) - Lots of goodies all over, from pottery to antiques
    3) 1st Dibs - can be pricey, but, they have lots of droolworthy antiques and high end designer pieces
    4) - They have some beautiful things!
    5) - awesome mirrors and unique lighting
    6) - We got a great bedroom set for our guest bedroom from Coleman and the price was amazing. It took an extra THREE months to get everything due to backorder/weirdness with delivery, but, it was worth saving 3k off the pieces we chose.

    Inspiration - I still love after many years. Beautiful website and I always find it makes me dream of European vacations and gorgeous interiors. I subscribe to ElleDecor and Arch Digest, and find them to be very soothing pre-bed reading.
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  3. Thank you, Tiare!

    I love French Heritage. So elegant.

    And Luna Bella has some lovely light fixtures.

    And you are right about the great prices at Coleman Furniture. When Home Decorator Collection closed, this company seems to have taken over. Classy furniture, especially for the price point.

    I didn't know about This Is Glamorous. Gorgeous pictures! I'll have fun pouring over that site!

    Like you, I love Architectural Digest. Veranda and French Living are two other favorite magazines.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with me!
  4. Tiare -
    You might want to borrow books from the library about the interior design work of Michael Smith and Juan Pablo Molyneax.

    Gorgeous! Michael Smith handled the refresh of the furnishings at the White House, working with the Obamas. He has clients all over the US. His work was featured in Arch Digest a few months ago.

    Juan Pablo Molyneax is famous in Europe and the US for his classic, opulent European style designs. I have a huge book on his work checked out from the library now. Amazing!
    His website doesn't have many photos but the video is well worth watching. Click on the symbol to open the site.
  5. I'll check it out. My biggest design crush is Kelly Wearstler. I love her! She is my lifestyle/interiors icon :love: Did you ever see that short lived competition series Top Design? I was over the moon when I saw she was a judge.

  6. That show is what sparked my love for Jonathan Adler!
  7. I wish they would bring that and Million Dollar Decorators back!
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