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  1. :thinking:I am brand new to Tano, I have seen them a few times but never held one. I am thinking of going to a boutique in town that I know sells them to touch a few, but not sure if they will have a good selection. What is great website to order a Tano from? Thanks a bunch!
  2. definitly! Great C.S. I've also ordered from thatsourbag and when they have them lunaboston.
  3. I only order from It's just my personal choice. also sells Tanos and are very reputable. Since Tano's aren't faked, you can land a good pre-owned Tano handbag on (and sometimes new) on eBay or Bonanzle, too. :yes:

    Welcome to the Tano subforum! I look forward to you buying your first Tano and then posting lots of pics haha
  4. gets my #1 vote just because of the wonderful customer service and dustbags...

    I have also ordered from, a few ebay sellers, and with no problems....

    Neiman Marcus also sells Tano bags!

    Welcome to Tano and let us know what you decide on!!
  5. Ya know I always forget that!!! haha
  6. Katie, I'm in Northwest Arkansas, and Mason's carries a lot of bags in their big store in Fayetteville. Don't know where you are in Arkansas, but I thought I'd just put that out there.

  7. O really! I live in Greenwood, outside of Fort Smith, Thank you for that information!!!
  8. I'm originally from Fort Smith! There is a store in FS that carries them, too. Let me look up the name, and I'll post it for you.
  9. Thank you Oboogie!
    FORT SMITH, AR 72903
    (479) 452-5900

    It is on the Barling end of Rogers Avenue. It doesn't look like much on the outside, but the owner is a real sweetheart, and she has GREAT prices.
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    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
    I'm interested as well...I have never purchased a Tano but just saw the fashion bailout wallet posted in another thread and I have to have one! It's just what I'm looking for:yes:
    Is there a good place to purchase (do they ever have sales anywhere..just curious:smile:)**off to check out the online stores**
  12. KLJ...MHB ( does offer a 10% off to tpf just have to email them your tpf user name and get on the list...
  13. Thanks, Odebdo:flowers:
  14. ^^I just emailed them..hoping they get back to me soon..I can't wait to order it!!:nuts: