Best way to tone your tummy.

  1. My tummy does feel loose if you get me:nuts: Would sit ups sort it out. ?? Or i there any foods to avoid or and other exercise routine.
  2. Crunches, crunches, crunches! I've been doing them every morning for... a year and a half? Find yourself a good exercise tape and crunch away.
  3. Sit-ups.
  4. All round core strengthening. Not only crunches, but obliques and stuff.
    Normal crunches, crunches with your legs up in the air (90degrees), side crunches to work the obliques. Also, don't neglect your back back extensions to strengthen it as well.
  5. Core dvd I have ever used for my abs. LOVE IT..I do it everyday.
  6. thats brill everyone thanks , i'll check that out now sunshine :smile:
  7. Don't forget Pilates! which is probably in that core secrets Sunshine is talking about!
  8. Def try doing some working out on a large stability ball...I do it with the CORE Secret's DVD (with Brooke Burns) Also Pilates is great for strenghtening your "core" a/k/a abs!! Also doing cardio at least 3x a week will help you out as well! Just think... "Bikini, Bikini, Bikini!"
  9. I agree with Danica! I do Winsor Pilates and it is fabulous!