Best way to store a Soufflot???

  1. Help and advice please...What is the best way to store a Soufflot, on its bottow or on its end? Hopefully that is not a dumb question :shrugs: . Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Not a dumb question at all!
    I belive it is best to stuff the bag with old washcloths or a rolled up towel so the bag doesn't get dents, then put it in its dustbag and set it down on the bottom. I wouldn't set it on its end because I think that would encourage dents to form.
    Or, if you have extra space in your closet, hang the dustbag with the bag in it on a sturdy hanger, then hang it in its own space on the bar in the closet.
  3. Outstanding! I hadn't thought of ANY of those things :amazed:

    And btw, I've been on DAILY for a couple of months, just a lil bit shy so don't say much...unless I neeeeed to but I've seen your collection on several occasions and its BEAUTIFUL!!
  4. good Q..i just stuff mine in my bag closet, I should go see that I didn't hurt
  5. I just stored it as it is, nothing in the bag. I, normally, put it in the dustbag after use and placed it in the LV box.. that's all.

    ps. only the structure bags..