Best way to spend a £350 Mulberry voucher?

  1. I sent a bag off to Mulberry Repairs to get fixed and it went missing. They offered me a £350 Mulberry voucher (excellent customer service BTW!) as compensation and I'm just wondering what to get. I used it towards a Snakeskin Brooke (£595) but since I've taken it home I've had second thoughts, the Brooke will only just go on my shoulder when I've got a coat on and its quite a flashy looking bag so I'd feel sooo nervous about taking it anywhere! I'm thinking maybe return the Brooke and get a Black Bayswater or a Mabel instead?!

    Any thoughts!?
  2. What are you looking for? An everday workhorse bag, a statement bag to wow or a classic that will keep going for years?
    If you want a classic then go for the Bayswater but if you're after a statement then it's the Mabel. Have fun choosing.
  3. Have you decided yet?! A black bayswater would be pretty versatile, but it does depend on what your wanting it for I guess.
  4. I have got a midnight mabel and use most days - looks great with jeans .

    But actually I am also on the lookout for a bayswater after being converted after reading through the threads.

    Only thing is that -if you carry alot about with you , I would think that these bags get kinda heavy!!
  5. The Brooke is going back, am thinking of a Black Bayswater or Black East West Bayswater, any more suggestions would be great! Am looking at the bags £495 and under.
  6. Black bayswater- can't go wrong! ( I also love my Annie)
  7. A real bargain at the moment is the Phoebe which the outlets are selling for £297. They had it in black, oak and olive.
  8. I've been after a black Phoebe or Annie as my next purchase and I've just called Shepton & they don't have any black Phoebes left :tdown: I got really excited there, too, as my £147 credit note would make it £150. Can you let me know if you see a Phoebe in black next time you're there, sarajane? Thanks.

    Sorry for the hijack, Orkney. What do you think of the Somerset tote? Or any of the nappa bags? I really like the Fleet and it's under £400 :tup: (although I'm waiting for the sales for that one!)
  9. My sister`s just bought sommerset tote-chocolate.
    Great bag but I think a small lady would look silly with this bag as like the elgin its quite a Big bag!!
  10. dita, I asked and apparently the Fleet wont be in the sale this Xmas, am a bit over the nappa leather anyway since my 2 year old managed to rip a hole in my black araline. Am definately thinking Bayswater shaped bag of some sort in either black or chocolate, dont suggest Oak, been there done that and HATED IT!
  11. Thanks for that, orkney. So, do you know what *will* be in the sale :angel:?!
  12. Not for definate but the Brooke and the Effie are nudges and winks, heard rumours about the Elgin but I think that one's been going round the block for a while!
  13. Does anyone have any opinions on the Black v Chocolate Bayswater? I was thinking Black myself because its so classic but I already have a black Emmy and I know it sounds a bit sad but I'd like all my Mulberry's to be different colours so I can have a different bag to wear with each outfit. Whats everyone's opinions on chocolate?

    Am taking the Brooke back on wednesday so need to make my mind up by then!
  14. I would get Phoebe in Olive from the outlet - it's beautiful, plus at £297 it is a real bargain. I would get it myself but I've already have Phoebe in apple green. :roflmfao:

    I would choose Bayswater in chocolate rather than in black because chocolate is a softer colour. Somehow I find black bags a bit drab and boring. Also I think chocolate darwin ages beautifully plus the colour is just delicious. And goes with so many other colours.
  15. I would go for chocolate bayswater over a black one but they are both gorgeous! Why did you hate the oak??