Best way to ship to Singapore?

  1. I'm from Singapore and it's a shame a lot of people don't want to ship to Asia. I made my first eBay purchase recently - a lovely Bottega Veneta bag that cost over USD1,000 and the seller sent it via USPS even though my address could not be confirmed cos it's a SG credit card. How about getting the issuing bank's phone no. and calling the bank to verify the card? That's if the buyer's prepared to divulge her card details.
  2. Tara, I ship to Singapore quite a bit. I just shipped a Chanel NIB medium classic yesterday to Singapore. I have never had a problem shipping there. I ship via USPS Express Mail International, with full insurance. On the bag I shipped yesterday, the postage was $45.90. I am always given a guaranteed date of delivery when I ship this way as well (3-5 business days). Also, Singapore is one of those countries (unlike most European countries) where you can ship an item fully insured. I would go for it if I were you. Yesterday was my 8th time shipping there, and as I said, I have never yet had one problem. Good luck!!
  3. With international buyers, and if the item is a high value item, I only ship EMS. It cost quite a bit more, but it is like UPS and FedEx. It includes insurance up to a certain amount and it needs a signature.
  4. Right, EMS is the same thing as Express Mail International. You get $100 free insurance, and the amount of insurance that you may purchase varies by country. For items going to Singapore, you can insure for up to $5,000. :yes:
  5. Hi
    I just sold a Gucci bag to a person in Singapore with an uncomfirmed address. She's been an eBay member since Jan 08 and She's 100% feedback member with 12 feedbacks but only 2 transactions as a buyer. Her account is verified but her address is uncomfirmed. I'm aware that Singapore buyers can not comfirm addresses. What do I do? I'm afraid to send the expensive bag as if she claims she never got it, Paypal will deduct it from my account I believe even if I use a Express mail with tracking & delivery confirmation. I guess all she'd have to say is that she never signed for it. I don't know if I should just refund her the money and have her wire me the money somehow if she still wants the bag. PLS HELP what to do!!!!!
  7. Thanks so much for the detailed feedback. I guess I just got a bit concerned since the buyer does not want the item insured but I will anyway for my sake.

    Quick question, if u could all the receipts and proof of delivery, can the buyer still win via paypal because of the uncomfirmed address if buyer decides to claim they never got it???

  8. FULL INSURANCE do not devalue! There is no reason to devalue the item because Singaporeans don't have to pay tax on imports unless it's a commercial consignment that's literally shipped, where it will go through the shipping port rather than regular postal service.
  10. I have not heard anything from the Singaporean buyer of my LV. No news is good new maybe?
  11. Hi

    Thanks for your email. I will ship via Express mal only as indicated by you.

    However I have sent 3 emails asking to the buyer to pls verify the shipping address for me since the paypal address is unconfirmed and no response at all. The item was won & paid on Sunday. Today is Tuesday and I know I have to ship within 7 business days to be protected by paypal. I sent 3 reminders to the buyer and no response. I guess my question is should I ship to the paypal uncomfirmed address via EXPRESS MAIL ANYWAY OR should I wait for the response???

  12. Are you sure about this?

  13. Any word on shipping to Singapore recently, and recommendations, how did your experience go?
  14. Hi, usually Singapore buyers have a US address now. Our postal company allows us to receive items from USA and then they would post the items to us in Singapore. This means that we have to pay shipping twice but its kinda worth it. Or at times, I asked to ship direct using DHL /Fed Exp. Expensive but definitely necessary for high priced items.