Best way to ship to Singapore?

  1. I accepted an offer on a bag I am selling from my collection. As soon as I did it I realized I didn't look at where the buyer was located! The feedback is good but I stated that I wished to sell to USA only. This is a pretty high priced item so I really don't want to get ripped off or have the package lost. Should I go ahead with the sale? Is there any way out even? If I do go ahead, is there any way to send to singapore and be protected?

    They have not paid yet.. what do I do??
  2. if her fb is good then paying via paypal shouldnt be a problem right?

    as for shipping...i receive my packages via USPS using EMS (express mail) it has tracking and delivery confirmation :biggrin: buyer gets it in a week

    i am from asia and sellers who look at my fb are ok with me paying via paypal even if they are designer bags :smile:
  3. It's up to you to decide if you want to ship to this buyer or not but if you decided to go through with the transaction make sure to ship via Express Mail with full insurance (there is a tracking number for the package).
  4. Thank you. I am just afraid of sending an expensive bag across the world. I am not new to eBay but I try to avoid sending to asia after a bad experience sending my laptop to .. well singapore as well.

    I think the buyer is a good one, hopefully.. the feedback is good... and they have bought some other designer purse items in the last 3 months. I suppose USPS is the best way to send then? I would imagine the other carriers would be way expensive.
  5. Here is something I am worried about. Is the seller protected by paypal if the buyer's address is not confirmed? I have no idea if the buyer has a confirmed address or not (they have not paid or responded to me yet) but I know that not everyone can be confirmed if it is international. What happens if they are not in a place that they can be confirmed?
  6. Three things for a seller to be protected by paypal

    1. Ship out witin 7 days of payment
    2. Delivery confirmation for $200 items and under. In addition items over $200 insured.

    It was explained to me by a paypal agent that the reason most overseas address are not confirmed is that the bank transactions can not be readily confirmed. I was flat out told that pretty much only US, and Canadian addresses can be confirmed.
  7. Other carriers like UPS or Fedex will charge the buyer a huge brokerage fee so I don't recommend them.

    If the address is unconfirmed then you are not protected under PayPal's seller protection policy.

    If your auction stated that you will only ship within the US then you are not obligated to ship to any address outside of the US per eBay.
  8. I think people in the UK can get their address confirmed too.
  9. yes i agree with pursewatch...Majority of UK residents are confirmed

    as with everyone's will not be protected by paypal if you accept from an unconfirmed address..even if they are verified
  10. Tara- have you told them the shipping cost yet? I would only send USPS Express INternational so you can get insurance. Also, yes I don't think the addresses are confirmed. I asked about shipping to Singapore a few weeks ago but then the buyer just wanted to haggle over the price after I told her I would ship. The item ended up selling for what I wanted 2 days later (so I was lucky) to a U.S. buyer.

    Many have done bank transfers for international bidders, but I would never give away my bank information.

  11. Yes, I have told them the shipping cost for the estimate that I got from USPS... they said they were hoping it would be cheaper :rolleyes: I just gave them the amount I got.

    I would have waited it out more but I re-listed this item and last time I got some crazy offers and this one was the only reasonable one I got so I jumped on it. I was just happy it *sold* I really hope this works out Ok. I have sold to a couple of people in Japan even though initially I didn't want to and they were very nice and honest buyers.

    Oh and I would never give my bank info to anyone :nogood:
  12. Ok.. so if I send out to them I will not be protected by paypal.. what would you do? Sell to them and hope for the best? I have sold to a couple of nice people in Japan and everything was fine.

    Does anyone out there sell to international buyers and have any good advice?
  13. EEEEP.. well they pay fast.

    And they paid the shipping cost I quoted... whew.. I think they may be serious. Should I wait a little bit to ship to see if they try to reverse the payment or something? I have heard bad things about CC chargebacks and other scary things.
  14. Hello,
    I am from Singapore. You can shipped the item with tracking number and Priority express? For a certain amount there is insurance with it. If you want, I can help you to verify the address to see if it is legit. PM if you need more help.
    Usually, no problems to ship to Singapore, it's pretty secure.
  15. Thank you very much!

    I will be sending you a pm shortly.