Best way to secretly mark items you sell on ebay?

  1. I've been reading the eBay boards and the PB forum - I am worried about scammers switching my bag with their fake. I've been reading horror stories about sellers not having enough proof and ending up with no bag and no $. I would like to know how I can discretely mark my items. Do I need to buy a special pen? Is the ink invisible? I sold my 1st DB the other day and several of my Coach items are selling. I have leather dog collars, signature handbags, suede bags.... Do I mark them all the same way? :confused1:
  2. Attatch a security tag and take pics of it.

    Do a search for security tag in these forums and you will see what I mean.
  3. on the purses I sell, I attach lock with a special code. (just a little black lock that's cheap but gets the job done.) Then when they receive the purse, and they are happy with it, They email for the code to take the lock off. I tell them to take it off only if they know it's authentic. (I'm not worried, because nothing I own or buy is fake). When I receive the email asking for the code, they are aware that, that is our binding agreement that they know it's authentic, and once the lock comes off, its no longer my responsibility. I'm very strict with the purses I sell, because I don't want to be a victim of bait and switch, or anything of that nature. I also tell them if they take the lock off without asking me for the code, then I am also not responsible for the purse anymore. I even save all emails from eBay, for 6 months. (I know that is a long time, but hey, you never know!) I also write down little details about the purse that I may notice that they may not. (not defects~because you should list those). But like usually there is inscribing on the inside of the zipper pull, or I'll measure something from point to point. I'm VERY detailed when it comes to selling my purses. So if there is an issue, I can resort to my notes.
    I'd rather have my purses locked up like for knoxx, then to get screwed. And I really think it makes people more comfortable about buying my items. Like I say in my listing, I'm willing to scare off buyers because of my extreme caution.
    Good Luck to you!!
  4. hmmm.. where do you get these locks? i have never heard of that..
  5. They are just cheap little master locks, where you pick the code. hmmm...I will take a pic later for you and show you. (I'm running out, and I'll be back around 4 Est.) I think I got a 2 pack for like $2.00. I don't remember the cost. Small expense spared for assurance!
  6. what a great idea, thanks for sharing
  7. Thanks MaterialMe! I've been so hesitant to start selling my unused bags on eBay because of the fear of bait and switch and your idea is fantastic!!! BTW - love the pic in your signature - you look utterly fantastic pregnant (ugh - I was a cow 2x!) and your little boys (twins?) look adorable!!!
  8. No problem!! My auction closed last night and I am going to take a pic of the lock for you guys. Give me a few....

    Thanks for the comment about my siggy! My boys are 5, 3, and 1. I'm due in 3 weeks with boy #4! LOL!
  9. Also, here is the disclosure that I use on my listings. I give you permission to use it if you want to. (If you are going to use to lock/or other security device.) Good Luck!

    The Fine Print...
    To secure myself from scammers, and Bait and Switchers. I have put a lock with a secret code inside the purse. If you are happy with the purse~and are confident in what you purchased Authentically speaking, Just email me and Right away I will give you the code to remove it. (I am on my computer all day~I'm a Stay at home mom!) I save all emails in relation to ebay. So when you ask for the code, that is my written proof you know it's authentic, and you are happy! If somehow pigs flew somewhere and you find this purse to be fake, (Which won't happen, rest assured), and the lock is somehow removed, without ME giving you the code, I am not responsible~as the lock is our binding agreement on authenticity. Once the lock comes off, I am not responsible for anything that has to do with the purse! Also, I would need a letter from the Sales Associate~or Manager saying it's fake (Not your friend~who "thinks" it is), Which store, (with store ID #, and Location, address and phone number.) I will provide you my phone number that must be brought with you if you desire to bring the purse for authenticity to a valid Coach retailer ( the direct store, or an outlet are the only 2 acceptable. Macy's and other retailers like that, do not know the products well enough for authenticity issues.) for them to immediately call me so we can compare notes on the purse that is brought to them if they even remotely think it's fake.
    *I have also written little details about the purse also, so i will know if the purse has been switched.*

    **Sorry to be so detailed, but there are a lot of people you can't trust here~and I am doing this for yours and my protection!! I want our transaction to go smoothly~and I want everyone happy! I am willing to risk loosing any potential buyers over my extreme caution. I don't think it's right how buyers get scammed here on ebay~and then they are weary of buying from "Real Deal" Sellers Like myself!
    I don't know about you, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!! My purse is 1,000% Authentic, and I don't want either of us to get scammed**

    Please ask any questions before bidding! I will answer them asap! If you need extra pictures, Please email me~and ask for them. Bid with confidence!!
  10. Material_me, U Are Genuis. I Love Ur Idea.
  11. Aww, Thanks!!!

    It's just really because I don't want to get screwed, and I read how much you all get these screwball people! So far knock wood, I have never had 1 problem. Hopefully you guys will not either!

    Anything to help you all!:tup:
  12. That is a wonderful idea. I have not accepted returns because of scammers for years now... I am going to go buy some locks! THANK YOU SO MCUH!!!!!!!!
  13. You guys are VERY welcome!!
  14. Okay, sorry it took forever, but here is the pic with the lock. I have it so they can't open the zipper inside. (Then inside the zipper I wrote a little thank you letter so they will have a nice thing to open to)

  15. Awww!!! Congrats on your new baby boy! Seeing you and your boys made me smile.. made me more inspired 'coz you can handle 3 (soon 4) boys and still look so YOUNG and FRESH! I have 1 girl and I know I look awful (sometimes!)!!! LOL:hysteric:

    Cheers to you and Thank YOU for all the wonderful ideas re the security locks and "fine prints" to use on an eBay Sellers auction. I very much appreciate you sharing your brilliant ideas with us. :flowers: