Best Way to read replies?

  1. I'm fairly new to this forum and would like to know what is the best way to receive/read the replies once you post/ask questions on threads. I feel like I don't get responses to things I ask/post or I may not know I've gotten responses. Make any sense?
  2. There is obviously no guarantee that someone will respond to your remarks/question in a timely matter or otherwise, but knowing our members rarely anything gets ignored completely. Now, one way to keep track of threads you responded to or posted is to use forum subscriptions. When you subscribe to a thread, you can receive email notifications once someone responds to it.

    To subscribe, click on the Thread Tools menu on the top right table header of any thread you see. There's an option to subscribe.
  3. Thanks Vlad.
  4. oh, i didn't know how to subscribe. this is goo dot know.