Best Way To Protect Signed Cl Sole?

  1. I am at work so have not been able to search all of the threads re: the various soles. I am getting the black/red Architeks signed so they are not a shoe I will wear every day, but I do intend to wear them. What is the best way to preserve the signature :heart:aka my conversation piece :yes:
  2. Well, you could try doing what I do--and my shoes aren't signed! I paint the soles with Diamond Hard Varathane--three coats. I know it will wear off eventually, but it really helps keep the red soles red. I know--kind of a nutty thing to do, but I do it anyway. It's my "new shoe ritual." :shame:

    It would be a good idea to have them signed along the arch of the shoe--not on the sole.
  3. He always signs the arch.
    I dont think there is a way to save it other than not wearing them. If you re-sole them with red soles you can just tell your cobbler where to cut the rubber so it wont go over the signature.
  4. Since he signs the arch, the chance of wear is going to be markedly decreased - but I do like the idea of putting a clear coat on the autograph! :p
  5. Snow White--

    More details on the Diamond Hard Varathane, please!! What exactly is it called? Where do you get it? How long does it work? Do you refresh the sealant every now and then?

    I would LOVE to go out in a new pair of CLs one night and not be wincing about what I am doing to my soles!!! I'll do vibram soles if I have to, but if this works, seems it would be better?
  6. It is called Diamond Hard Varathane, and I bought it at Home Depot--any hardware store that sells paint should have it. It lasts longer if you aren't always walking on concrete--that's the worst. It does wear off, but adding a coat from time to time should help. I haven't added any yet. You do have to do three coats, and wait a week for it to completely harden before you wear the shoes.
  7. i personally wouldn't wear them but encase them and make them a wall hanging. i protecting those beauties. but i can understand you wanting to wear them. sorry i can't be of any help.
  8. Since he signs the arch you should be find just have the front portion of the sole done in vibram so your shoes always look perfecct :yes:
  9. thanks for the tip. going to try it on my shoes.

    for the first 3 coats, do I have to wait a certain amount of in-between time before putting on a new coat?
  10. My friend wore hers last night and the signature is still ok. He signs at a perfect spot.
    Here are mine (didnt wear them yet due to weather, plus I just got them signed)
  11. Stinas, so cute! You look great in the shoes and you are right that the autograph in in the perfect spot not to get messed up.
  12. Thank you!!!
    Im curious if anyone else has worn their signed shoes. Pics anyone??? I probably wont wear mine for another month or 2 because its wayyy too cold and icy out.
  13. :nuts: Your shoes look SO cool with the signature!!!
  14. I let it dry for at least four hours between coats--as recommended in the directions. I posted pictures of some shoes I've worn "post varathane" in another thread--the one about using varathane on signed shoes. You might want to take a look and decide if you think it's worth the effort.
  15. Just an fyi about CL's signature according to my SA at NM, because I was worried about my signed CLs as well. CL signs all the shoes with permanent markers , so it's really hard for it to come off...unless you're constantly grinding on a bar stool. An example my SA gave me was when he found a pair of Rolondos for another client and had them transferred to his store, but upon receiving the shoes he notices that the shoes were signed by CL...but it was signed to "Denise".'d "Denise" manage to return a pair a signed cl's in her name?! Anyway, that's not the point SA calls his client with the bad news and asked if she would want the shoes if he was able to get the "Denise" part off the sole. She gave him the go ahead, so he tries to wipe off the name with leather cleaner, but it didn't to make this already long story short, my SA ended up having to take the shoes out to a shoe cobbler and have them clean off the sole with paint remover and repainted the sole in red. That's how permanent CL's signatures are!