Best way to protect myself selling designer bag?

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  1. I've sold one of my designer bags on eBay, I've sold before but this is the most expensive one so I'm asking for a bit of advice. I will be posted it special delivery insured to £500 so posting is not a concern,. However I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to prevent a swap of some sort. Is there anything I can diy? Like a security tag? Or would it be best to buy something? I don't doubt the buyers honesty but you never know.
  2. Don't waste your time with security tags as they are useless in a dispute. There is no way to prevent swaps that I know of. While the vast majority of transactions go well I don't list anything on Ebay that I can't afford to lose.
  3. A security tag won't help you, since you have already sold the bag. If you are going to use them, they have to be visible in the listing. Most of what you can do to protect yourself, other than taking precautions during shipping, is done when you set up the listing. You have to have clear pictures of everything and descriptions of all flaws. If your listing was thorough, then you have protected yourself as much as you can. There are scammers but thankfully, most buyers are honest.
  4. Anything that is very high value I honestly would send to an online consignment store. There are so many and it's not a bad idea to shop around for quotes.

    Reading about some of the scams online makes me realize being an unexperienced seller can really be a liability when dealing with very high priced items. There is no real "guide" to foolproof yourself - oftentimes the small commission for consignment is worth the peace of mind. I've been happy with Yoogi's.
  5. It depends on the brand. Nothing like getting a quote of less than $400 on a NWT $2k bag. There are other venues than Ebay for selling pricier items. Not sure if they all accept overseas sellers, but worth a look.
  6. In the UK there are some very well regarded resale shops.

    Since we don't know what the brand is, perhaps OP could start in
    her own backyard for some quotes as she can always reach out to sellers
    here in the US.

    OP, if this is a designer bag, try Rewind (contact is Claudia)
    or preview their website if this is of interest to you..

  7. Just curious, since I just saw this ... I'm going to be in the UK in a month or so and can you recommend some of the resale shops you mentioned? Thanks. Whatever you can list would be appreciated.
  8. Whatever the store, be just as careful, consignment/agencies who sell fakes in the UK can plead ignorance since by law they're only considered a conduit between the seller and buyer.
  9. Swaps on eBay are quite rare so I wouldn't worry too much about this. If your buyer paid with Paypal and the transaction is "eligible" you do have seller protection. Make sure you request signature confirmation of the delivery. All of these plus insurance make for a pretty safe transaction. Good luck.