Best way to protect gold dusted suede??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I bought the gold pleated dusted suede hobo on ebay one month ago, but I haven't used it yet. I'm afraid to get it dirty. If someone has suggestions on the best way to protect the bag, I would greatly appreciate it. I called my local Coach store, and they told me not to put anything on it, just be careful to not place it on the floor. Thanks in advance.
  2. Doesn't Coach carry a suede cleaner and brush? If they told you not to treat it, then I guess it should be okay. I have treated suede with a spray in the past from Wilsons and it has worked really well.
    However I don't have an all suede Coach bag. Good luck!
  3. Dusted Suede is the trickiest of them all. It's not reccomended for an everyday bag and it's definetly not easy to clean. I think the only way to clean it is to LIGHTLY use a suede kit but again, dusted suede is even harder to keep clean than suede.

    Coach doesn't suggest any treatment for it, as it's already treated and if you were to put something else on it - your warrenty is basically void because of the outside product.
  4. Now I regret buying it. I find it hard to spend a lot of money on a bag that I will only use once in awhile. Do you think I should re-sell it on ebay? I'm so confused??
  5. I have a gold dusted suede bag, I actually used it every day last winter. The first time I used it, the color from my new, unwashed, indigo jeans rubbed off on it... I thought it was ruined forever, But I went to the coach store and the SA told me to just use a damp cloth and water, it took a couple tried but did the trick. I was just really mindful of where I put it for the rest of the season, I would put it on the seat of my car, hang it on the coat rack instead of leaving it on the counter, ect. It still looks great and Im just waiting for weather cold enough so I can wear it with my winter white peacoat again.
  6. Just be careful with it. I have several pieces of it but haven't really used any of them yet. Only a little bit.
  7. Dusted suede is definitely very tricky to take care off. The "gold" dust rubs off. If you scratch the bag with your fingernails, you can see that the gold color scratches off very easily. My sister has one & she uses it all the time. The gold color is not as "bright" as when the bag was new.
  8. I have the dusted suede silver pleated hobo and used it almost everyday this summer. You DO have to be careful about what it touches- my indigo jeans also rubbed off onto it. I was also able to use a white damp cloth with some mild clear colored soap, and it did come off. However, it did change the texture a little bit (but it was on the back so you can't see). Some of the color came off the near the zipper where it would rub against by arm, but it isn't that noticeable. This purse seems a lot more delicate than my other purses, but I really love using it! You may as well enjoy your purse since you spent the money on it!!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions ladies but I'm afraid i'm not as brave as you are. I ended up exchanging the gold suede bag for the black signature large carry all. I feel safer with my new choice as I have a toddler and it's hard to avoid accidents with them.
  10. I think you have made a great choice by exchanging the bag. I love the gold dusted suede...but I think it's only nice to look at & it's difficult to take care of. :yes: