Best way to prevent mold?

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  1. So I've noticed a lot of threads and posts about how to get rid of mold once it's already happened, but is there any good way to prevent it from happening in the first place?

    I went to get a pair of canvas shoes I haven't used since last summer out of the closet, and they were completely covered in mold, way beyond repair. Luckily it seems like nothing else has been damaged, but now I'm worried about my bag collection.

    I've lived in the Pacific NW for almost a year and had no idea mold was a huge issue here until now, I guess I always assumed it would be worse in hotter, more humid climates. My bags are stored in the same closet as my shoes, but on the top shelf while the shoes are on the floor. I always keep my bags in their dust bags and stuffed with tissue paper, but that's probably not enough to prevent mold. Is there anything I can do, protective oils/sprays/anything? Airing them out once in a while? Anything specific for different types of leather? Would appreciate any advice!
  2. My country is super humid and I have to air my travel nubuck boots out once in a while, if not they will get mouldy! I clean and condition my leather bags and shoes once in two months, then airing them out properly before storing them.

    You can also buy dehumidifiers and place them around the closet, or packs of silica gels to place them inside dustbags. I try not to apply any sprays to my leather goods, unless it's necessary like waterproofing.
  3. silica gel is your best friend. I keep my bags in a big container packed with lots and lots of silica gel.
    I keep my camera in a lock&lock box and burry it with silica gel too.. :P
  4. Thanks for the tips! Airing out and inspecting is definitely the way to go. And yeah, silica gels are so useful! I used to just throw them out immediately, now I'll probably hoard them...
  5. I lived in the pacific NW before as well and totally get what you're saying. In addition to airing out or inspecting, I used to have a little dehumidifier in the closet running on a regular basis to get rid of moisture from shoes and bags...something like this little machine (
  6. I highly agree with all the suggestions, especially investing in a quality dehumidifier. After purchasing one (it can be quite loud & must be monitored in the beginning) the tank filled up quite quick! It has helped tremendously with moisture in the home- closets and items. Prior to that the dehumidifier crystals and silica packets were not enough. But they do help and needed to be changed often. I found the best place to purchase the container dehumidifier crystals is at the dollar tree!
  7. Silica Gel Desiccant works great (can buy larger bags at gun stores).
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