Best way to pay on ebay for maximum protection

  1. Hi girls!

    I just won a Dior bag on eBay. It's my first time buying a designer purse on eBay and I just want to protect myself in case it's not authentic. I know using Paypal is one way, but is paying by Paypal with a credit card even better?
  2. Yep paypal with a credit card.

    Also an email off the seller saying she will give money back refund against authenticity of the bag!
  3. ^Yup I agree. That way if paypal denies the claim, you can take it up with your CC company.
  4. I've been told American Express is the best CC for buyer protection, and that they will go to bat for you if there is a problem.
  5. Yes PayPal with a credit card. On each auction you will see the amount PayPal is offering you on the very right hand side under the seller's info for protection also.
  6. Ditto, Paypal plus credit card rather than out of a bank account covers more bases - hope you love your bag when it arrives!
  7. Paying by credit card is the safest way to pay on any on-line or tv etc purchases as well, as they generally give you the most protection, although sometimes it can take a while for the refund to be given.