Best way to pay for a bag (ebay) if seller accepts my offer?

  1. The seller's auction ended and I made her an offer before the auction ended just below her BIN price. I said if the auction ends with no one bidding, would she accept my offer.

    She has agreed.

    Being that I didn't actually place a bid, how best should I send the money?

    Should the seller just send me an invoice via Paypal or is there a more secure / eBay way? sorry if this sounds daft...
  2. have her send you an invoice through paypal - i've done this a lot. this way, you're both protected, there's a record of it and if anything goes wrong, you have recourse.
  3. If you wanted to be totally secure, have her relist it. She'll qualify for an insertion fee credit since technically her item didn't sell the first time around, and she is not paying any more fees than if it had sold the first time. She can relist at your offer price with Buy It Now and you can grab it- with a full record of purchasing the item and all the protection that goes with it.
    If she balks, then yes- Paypal invoice is probably the easiest:smile:
  4. Personally, I would do it!

    If you pay VIA paypal you have proof of payment.

    Also, keep all email corrospondence between you both.

    I have done this as a seller, and a buyer and it was all OK.
  5. Isn't there a way she can relist it and limit it just to a particular bidder? I know there is a way to do this, but as with many things on eBay, it may be difficult to find the method of doing this. She could ask eBay livehelp; they are usually pretty helpful & quick. I agree that the ideal way would be to relist it, but you don't want some other buyer swooping in and getting it out from under you.
  6. Yes, there's a way to limit an auction to a particular bidder. The seller has to choose an option to be a closed auction, limiting to a particular bidder and no one lese when she re-lists the auction. It's a hassle on her part, but if she doesn't mind re-listing, I would say that's the best way to do it. Otherwise, just have her send you the paypal invoice.

    Good luck!
  7. ^^ I did that for someone who missed the end of one of my auctions and it worked a dream. He was such a lovely buyer I am sure it would have been fine to simply invoice via Paypal and not relist, but I am a cautious Ebayer and so felt relisting was a safer option.
  8. if she doesn't want to relist, well actually, ESP if she doesn't want to relist, remember to Paypal her using your credit card.
  9. As long as you pay by credit card, you're fine. If you have Amex, I've found that they're the best to deal with if you run into any trouble with the transaction.