Best way to pack my Louis for a 14 hour flight

  1. Okay so I'm flying back to Japan tomorrow and I have my new BH going with me. Of course its going in my carryon suitcase in it's dustbag, but what is the best way to pack it. Should I wrap it in another layer of something, or stuff it with tissue paper? I would like to put it in it's box but the box wont fit in my carryon so thats out.

    Also..a little but OT, but would you put a coach bag in your checked luggage. I think thats the only place I have room... but I dont trust those airline people in Dulles and I love that bag..
  2. Hi, i have some experience on from the philippines and its about 14hrs to the US.

    I would stuff my BH with a few shirts and make sure the handles lay nicely. If ever, do you really have to have a carry on? Cant you just carry on your BH instead in its box in the LV shopping bag? Re your coach bag, i normally pack my bags in my luggage and check it in...unless its brand new then i carry it on in the shopping bag. Hope it all works out for yah!!! Have a nice flight
  3. when I went to korea last yr, I carried my speedy with me & packed 3 other lv bags in my checked luggage..had no prob
    why not carry your BH instead of putting it inside your carryon luggage?
    you can put it in its dustbag or wrap it with airline blankie before put your purse under the seat
  4. If you need to pack it in your carryon, stuff it with a few t-shirts or small towels and protect the handles, it should be ok.

    If you need to pack your Coach bag in your checked luggage, pack it on the bottom.
  5. I wouldn't pack a coach bag in your suitcase if you have to go through customes. I went into canada and had some stuff stollen out of my bag.
    I just put a LV in a carry on and put a little tissue in it and then put the dust bag in a plastic bag.
  6. :wtf: stolen at customs and at Canada even! OMG...never thought that could happen...gotta think twice about bring multiple bags to switch around on long trips...
  7. i wouldn't check in your coach bag. my friend flew to japan and she had 4 coach bags inside her luggage, and when she unpacked, 2 of them were gone.
  8. I travel overseas alot and haven't had anything stolen *knock on wood* but I never have (noticeably) expensive stuff in my checked bags. But after reading this I managed to squeeze all of my bags into my carryon. The coach bag is not new or expensive, but I love it so I would be very upset if it got stolen.

    As far as the LV. I have it in the dust bag,stuffed, and with tissue paper on the straps. I think it should be okay.
  9. You must be taking the same flight that I have before. I put stuff in my check-in and just hope for the best because I don't like to carry that much. IAD (Dulles)-NRT (Narita (Tokyo)) nonstop. Are you on United or All Nippon :p? Bon Voyage!
  10. I had my piano in my suitcase 3 weeks ago it was in there for about 10 hours in it's dustbag and the bottom was keind of squised but after taking it out it was fine
  11. all nippon, the one i take all the time haha.
  12. Read the airlines websites luggage policy on what's protected and for how much- that's the best advice I could give you-

    I was so paranoid on just a 1 1/2 hour flight I packed my two most expensive bags in my carry on.
  13. I just used my LV as my carry-on and crammed all my stuff inside it. With all the safety regulations now regarding liquids over here, there wasn't that much I could pack in it anyway! During the flight I kept it by my feet. That way it didn't get squished in another bag and also there wasn't the risk of it being lost in a suitcase.
  14. I wouldn't check in any designer bag. I watched a segment on Oprah where it showed airport workers stealing things left and right out of bags.
  15. I'm taking ANA next, I took United the last time. It was good for UA, but I think ANA might have better service. :yes: