Best way to offer authentication on ebay?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am selling a NWT bag that is a little more expensive than typical for me.

    Some potential buyers have messaged me asking if a certificate of authenticity comes with the bag (they did not say from where). Others have said they aren't interested in any certificates of authenticity that I could provide, they want to authenticate on their own - they asked me to provide a complete set of photos on a google drive.

    The Bal bags that I buy on ebay almost never have authentication.

    Should I have obtained proof of authentication before I listed this, and from whom? Is ****************** a good service? They charge $20 for authentication for a seller, certainly reasonable but what is the point if some buyers insist on doing their own authentication?

    My bag is an authentic bag, I bought it from Nordstrom. I'm just not clear on the conventions for selling it. TIA!
  2. Many buyers like to arrange their own authentications and many buyers use the AT threads on this forum. The authenticators of each line specify in the thread what is required to evaluate so it is important that listings include clear photos of these requirements (for example the bales and back of the rivets are important in Balenciaga). The AT Balenciaga thread has a link to what is required. If everything is included in the listing, it is not likely buyers will be asking for additional photos. IMO, obtaining a certificate of authenticity is as much for the seller's peace of mind as the buyers. Since you are the original owner and the bag was purchased at Nordstrom it doesn't seem necessary.
  3. Personally I wouldn't worry at all about providing an authentication because we all know those can be faked, unfortunately.
    Since you purchased your bag from Nordstrom I wouldn't be overly concerned about someone questioning it's authenticity.
    That's not to say someone couldn't do that, it's just not as likely.

    Since your bag is authentic being purchased from a reputable source I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. Since you're sure of the bag's authenticity then I wouldn't worry about getting it authenticated yourself. But do make sure you take all the photos required for someone to do an authentication of your bag. If you aren't sure what they are check out the first post in the "Authenticate this..." thread here on The Purse Forum for your whichever brand the bag is. They typically list the photos you need.
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    You know that the bag is authentic & where it was purchased. Due to so
    many buyers claiming that a bag is "fake", would personally have it authenticated
    by a third party & put that it your listing. For a small fee,that would give you
    as well as the buyer peace of mind, IYKWIM

    If the buyer wants to have that bag authenticated on his/her own,that's on them.
    You've already authenticated the bay by a reputable third party.

    Authenticate4U is a service many use here on the forum & they do authenticate
    Balenciaga bags.
  6. I know that authentications can be faked but it is my understanding if you call credible authentication services, these can be verified by the buyer. I like buying from sellers that include the certs from a recommended service.
  7. Its not a Balenciaga, I was saying that I usually look at Balenciaga bags on ebay.
    This bag is a Givenchy which is a higher price point than the Bals I buy. Of course, when I shop for Bals, I look for diamonds in the rough... aka really cheap ones! :smile:

    Thanks for the tip on Authenticate4U!
  8. OK good, thanks
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    I'd authenticate the bag , put that in your listing & leave nothing to
    chance with regard to authenticity as that seems to be the card that
    many buyers are playing, IYKWIM...
  10. i sell mainly chanel and lv... i don't help them at all with authentication. i just put a disclaimer in the listing that they should authenticate the bag before purchasing if they are unsure. i've sold maybe 10-15 of my chanel bags... never had an issue. i don't know if the people check beforehand or not, but it's on them to do it - buyer diligence. as a buyer i don't look for that either, it's certainly not a selling point if someone has pre-authenticated.
  11. I've done this before. Usually there is a number on the authentication form that they will verify for you. I don't think they mind at all.
  12. I personally do authenticate bags before selling, even though I know they're authentic. I feel it covers your butt per se to anyone who might claim it is fake after receiving. I want to be protected as much as possible, and as hotshot said, that seems to be a tactic buyers are using. I've used A4U and etinceler. I post the authentication in my listing. I mention that they can contact the service for independent verification; the service will verify. The auth companies want to ensure sellers aren't forging their letters of authenticity. I recommend that they can have it authenticated independently for a nominal fee.I also use tamper proof serialized tags. I put the tag # in the listing. eBay will only allow your tag as evidence in a claim if you have it noted in the listing.