Best way to learn spanish?

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  1. Has anyone had to or wanted to learn spanish and successfully learned it? My girlfriend's whole family outside of her immediate family, all speak spanish, no english. So, I really want to learn it to be able to communicate with her family because they are such nice people and I feel it's only right. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm picking up a little by listening to a lot of spanish music which I LOVE now! :yes: I took spanish in high school, but it kinda weared off. So what's the best way in your opinon? A course? A book? Thanks!
  2. how about computer CD roms? when your with your friend, practice. the more you practice, the more you will learn. good luck.
  3. I am travelling to Italy in a few months and I am using the language lessons of Pimsleur to try and learn some Italian. I was not very optimistic because my only foreign language experience is two years of high school French and I can speak and understand very little French. However, I have been very impressed with this program. It focuses on the spoken language (not written). I have finished lesson 8 and can speak more Italian than French by far already.

    You can find Pimsleur language products (along with lots of reviews) at Amazon, or there is also a Pimsleur website.
  4. take a summer course~!!
  5. watch spansih tv with her you will pick it up!
  6. Try enrolling in a conversational Spanish class. Usually a small setting- you can sit around and discuss topics in Spanish, or read with the teacher and discuss the book in Spanish, etc. I only learned when I actually started talking in Spanish- learning in high school didn't help me as much because I was listening more to the teacher and not trying it myself.

    Buena suerte- El Espanol no es demasiado duro-:smile:
  7. I don't know if you have an ipod - but my OH downloaded a spanish language pack to his ipod and swears it really works.

    Given however that I can't speak Spanish I am unable to confirm whether he is making any sense!
  8. Summer course in a spanish speaking country
  9. I'd spend as much time with your GF's family as possible, there's nothing like learning from native speakers. It'd be awkward at first, but it's more effective than learning from a book.
  10. saturation. take a class and watch lots of spanish tv.
  11. I did that too- this the absolute best way to learn if you want to really throw yourself into it!
  12. I keep telling my husband next summer I am moving to the Dominican Republic for 3 learn Spanish of has nothing to do with the beaches!!!

    I took an online class which was good for vocabulary but I didn't get to actually practice with anyone. Good luck, can you teach me once you learn!!!
  13. Total Immersion is the way!
  14. Exactly. ^ All the nuances of the language, the accent, the grammar, etc...are learned when one is immersed in the language.
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