Best way to grow out hair

  1. I have short hair right now like a boy and wanted to grow it back out. I went through this phase where I wanted it spiked now I want my long hair back. What's the best way to get in the between stage b/c once my short hair gets kinda long it looks crazy.
  2. Actually, I'm doing that exact thing right now. I had a short kinda spikey pixie cut & now am growing it into a chin length bob. I'm on month 5 of growing it out. I have always failed miserabley in the past as I just "let it go" & would get frustruated as my hair started looking really crappy in between. This time I took a different approach. I still go back to the salon every 8-10 weeks to keep up on my highlights & have the hair at the nape of my neck trimmed as my top layers grow out. Right now, I'm tucking my hair behind my ears & pinning my unruly bangs over with a bobbypin. It's a simple style but it works right now;) I also highly recommend headbands during this time. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the awesome advice! Right now my hair is still short enough to style it all nice but last month it was getting too long and crazy that I had to cut it to make it look better.

    I will have pick up some headbands when it gets longer but everything you've gone through I know I will be very soon.

    I love having short hair but there are days I just want to throw my hair back into a ponytail.