Best way to glue down train pieces?

  1. I thought I had this all figured out, but now that I'm set to glue them, I realize it's not so simple! For the pieces directly on the table, it seems wood glue is the best, but for those that are elevated? (on risers and curved around) how do I do that?

    I don't want to glue the risers first because I might move them to more "hidden" spots once the track joints have dried, but how do I glue JUST the joints of a track without it dribbling down to glue it to whatever surface I put it on to dry?

    Am I overthinking this?
  2. my husband screwed them down, not all of them....but enough so the track stayed in place, the kids would still remove some of the pieces...but knew where to put them back

    traintables...bringing back memories. my son would play for hours....every so often, he still takes out his thomas set...but now it is more for the architectural aspect of buiding the track.

    i'd say the best toy we had

    good luck!
  3. Thanks. This is the leftover set from big brother. With him we had a HUGE train table and bought a HUGE track set (not brio, but a similar brand) and then bought some Thomas pieces to fill in. HOWEVER, we didn't glue them down and he would wreck it in five minutes and then get mad. LATER when he was older he liked building things, but not when he was younger.

    So, this time (since we sold the train table). I bought a cheapo SMALL train table with a small set of tracks/accessories off eBay for $40 shipped. I sawed off the legs of it, screwed in some wheels and it's small and short enough to slide under the Pottery Barn Craft Table we have. So, for that small set, it will ALLLLL be fixed down.

    Then, I have more tracks and pieces for when he is ready to build his own sets and he can use the top of the craft table for that (or the floor). I think this will work much better for us. This train table we can even wheel through the door to move to the rec. room. I got smart this time! LOL

    I know he's excited about it too because he already disassembled it once while I was waiting to glue it !LOL

    I can't screw it in though as this is pressed paper/fiber board and I really don't care about ever getting them free/loose again! After he's done? Off to donation it goes since you can't even sell these for anything on craigslists since there are so many of them out there.
  4. we sold our traintable in about 5 minutes on Craigslist...but I am still holding onto the Thomas Train Set. It is so sentimental, I usually get rid of EVERYTHING..I hate clutter. But those special trains meant so much to my son...he is nearly 9, and every once in a while I find him on the floor making a new track for them.

    Love those trains.
  5. I used an epoxy so I could pull them off w/o ruining the tracks or board and re-design teh tracks. You can pull them off if you really want to and the glue just peels off, but they aren't loose, it's just enough.