Best way to form a relationship with an SA???

Haute Couturess

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Feb 26, 2007
really!!! How often is often :smile:


Keep in mind they like to see you often, but not EVERY day :nogood:
unless of course it's Paris and you're in town for a week.
A good rule of thumb is be pleasant, interested, and a
regular customer. DON'T buy things to resell instantly on Ebay -
they assure me they hate this and are very aware of everything
they see going from sales floor to Ebay and that is a big No-No
if you ever want to be offered a Birkin or anything special from the back.
If you ask for certain things and they don't call you when they come in,
that is a sign that they've either 1) decided they don't want you to have it
or 2) want somebody else to have it or 3) have another plan entirely, of which i can't imagine :P

Remember too: It's all about the thrill of the chase! As painful as it can be in the beginning, have faith and keep hoping...and you will find the bag of your dreams! :heart: HC

It really does not take a terribly long time for them to get to know you
if you are a regular customer. It takes a little patience, but so does everything
in life worth having!