Best way to form a relationship with an SA???

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm new to the H world and I've heard that having a good SA on your side can make your ability to purchase H bags much easier. Is this true?? If so, what is the best way to form a good relationship?? Any advice is appreciated. I've already learned soooooooo much from you guys!! Thanks.;)
  2. i believe there are several threads on this topic
  3. I'll check the reference section.
  4. 1. Buy things; or
    2. Go to store frequently;
    3. Show interest in Hermes
    4. Show desire to gain knowlege of H things; and
    5. Have some luck.
    There are lots of threads on this very subject.
  5. I went in and met the sa i work with now
    she is very very nice but also knowledgeable so we talk about lots
    of things _ inventory leathers etc but also i buy a lot so whenever
    i need something i call her

    this is the natural formation of a "relationship" with an don't have to buy things you don't want...just try to be a repeat, good customer if that is what you are and they will see this and welcome you back. that is what makes a good client.
  6. Sus and Haute Couturess -- THANK YOU!! That is very helpful. I've never been inside my H store, to be honest I've been a little intimidated. But, thanks to a lot of past threads, I'm learning alot so I won't sound like an idiot when I do muster the courage to go in.... :smile:
  7. HBR ~ wear whatever makes you feel good and confident. Then go into your H store with a smile on your face and just have some fun!

  8. totally agree with this. the first time i ever went to my hermes i was just buying a twilly and the SA was so sweet.... and cute. lol. but he gave me so many free samples and little booklets about hermes and put me on the waiting list for the bag i wanted and everything. he is my favorite SA EVER

    -no, i did not get the bag, it was $7200 and my parents said no
  9. Be friendly ! Have a chat about Hermes and share your appreciation of hermes products with them. Ask for their name at the end of your first conversation and ask for them next time you go back.

    And of course, buying something really helps !
  10. Don't ask for a Birkin outright :sweatdrop:
  11. mrssparkles you are so cute! Love the way you said that...
  12. I think this forum actually helps build relationships with SAs indirectly. This forum is fantastic when it comes to H appreciation. Not just Birkins but everything related to H. H has it its own universe and it is an encyclopedic experience. The more you read this forum the more H becomes interesting.

    So initially you might just want a Birkin, but the more you read about its craftsmanship you also venture into other things - H fashion, coats, shoes, scarves, fragrance, jewelry, home accessories, office accessories, watches, etc.

    That ended up encouraging me to go to H more often just to browse at things. I sparked conversations with SAs and it happened naturally.

    People dynamics are tricky - there are some people you click with or don't click with. The same thing applies to SAs.

    But just being curious about H and looking out for its accessories, not just handbags, really builds bridges between yourself and SAs.
  13. Just be nice and sincere and friendly. I have seen people who talk to SAs like they owe them a living. :wtf: That was :yucky:.

    I believe as long as a customer is nice and friendly they will get the same treatment back. :heart::woohoo:
  14. Thank you EVERYONE for all your invaluable advice. I must say that when I joined this forum, it was just to learn how to get my hands on a Birkin:drool:. Now, I actually have learned so much about Hermes and have a new appreciation for all that they make, not just the Birkin:smile:. Anyway, thanks and as soon as I have an orange box of any size, I'll be sure to share it with all of you!
  15. hbr i see you are in LA? if you hit BH store often enough, you'll run into a birkin. :yes: