best way to find out what are the new chanel bags?

  1. we dont have a chanel boutique here nor do we have a dept. store that carries one. this place is really crappy. but anyway, i wanna be up to date with the new bags that are coming out. how can i do this? does chanel have a mailing list? thanks!
  2. Stick with us darling and we will keep you up to date!! Seriously, I learn more here than I do from Chanel, Saks or NM ! :smile:
  3. ^^Yeah, what Stacy said.:yes:
  4. Exactly what I was going to say!

    EVery dept' store orders something differetn as does most Chanel boutiques. This is the most comprehensive place you can find Chanel info!
  5. oh okay hehe. is there a thread in this forum that shows the latest bags? or just the posts of the members?
  6. the latest one out is the modern chain--there are several posts and pictures on this. Other newer styles are the cabas, diamond shine, outdoor ligne, diamond stitch, luxury ligne and vintage ligne. Go to the reference library to see pix.
    Coming soon are the ritz, new cabas and new 2.55 releases. Look for a thread on the cruise line as well as Japs recent thread on the trunk show she attended in NY... Let us know if you have specific questions!
  7. ^^OOps, I forgot the Paris NY and cloudy bundle! Perhaps some others too that i am sure my pals will point out!!
  8. ^yep!

    Some new Lignes to research:
    Modern Chain, Luxe, Diamond Stitch, Outdoor, Diamond Shine, Ritz, NYP {New York Paris}, Vintage Ligne. . . sooooo many!

    People think Chanel is for old ladies and is conservative and boring, they have NO idea! LOL!

  9. We all prove them wrong:supacool: !!

    I am just dying for the new cabas and the black crackle patent 2.55 to be available. I have to sit on my hands right now so that I don't buy something....this is going to be a hard wait!!
  10. Agreed, this site has been a godsend...I'd have no idea what is coming out if it wasn't for this site. The Chanel website is not helpful at all.
  11. This is the best site.. I log on everyday to check for updates..
    blkladylaw-- you are right chanel website is not helpful.. they have no pricing info at all, and only feature what they are having on the run way.
  12. This is so true! Someone saw my modern chain the other day in Sephora and was extremely surprised that Chanel had such trendy young looking bags. She said she thought their bags were for old people (her words, not mine) LOL!
  13. This forum is the best for information on Chanel bags. Usually, I see the new and latest bags here 1st before my NM or CHanel has received it. You would be surprised to know that most of us PF Chanel addicts know more about the upcoming lines and products more so than the SA's. You are in the right place!