Best way to find a company that cleans leather

  1. I have a new Kooba Mia bag that has a small stain on the bottom of it, I think it is from a clear lip gloss that I threw in the bag last week and it leaked (because I didn't stop and put it into small cosmetic bag, I know - stupid, stupid, stupid). I got the stain out of the suede inside by acting really fast but did not notice that it leaked through to the bottom until later. It is small and in a place not easily noticed but it is killing me. I've only used the bag twice.

    I have tried cleaning the stain myself with my Apple leather cleaner, tried a little hot water and mild soap but the stain doesn't budge.

    To those of you who have taken your bags in for professional help in getting out a spot - how do you know who to take it to? Especially if there is anyone in the Seattle area - I would love some recommendations if anyone has one.

    I also have a really small stain on an inexpensive ($130) leather flap bag that is visible and I don't know what it is.

    I am beginning to fear that leather bags are just too easily stainable for me to use in my regular life, which defeats the whole purpose of having them. I don't want to just have them at home on display. I want to wear and use them, without any stains (especially as these are both really really new). Any help, please! Peggy
  2. I'd call the Flagship Nordy's store in downtown Seattle and ask the designer bags SA who Nordy's sends their items for repair. The place that's used down here in Southern CA is GREAT and really knows their stuff. I'm sure the store in Seattle uses someone that's great also. You can get the name and number of the repair place and see if they do cleaning also. If not, I'm sure they'll have someone to refer you to.

    Good luck!
  3. Just another thought: I've become a huge fan of the LovinMyBags leather cleaner, and I know the owners will take bags and clean them professionally. You may want to touch base with them ( and see what they have to say. For the record, I have no association with them other than as a customer.
  4. I was just going to recommend them. Another PFer from the Balenciaga Subforum(Chaussurewhore) had her Bubblegum Pink City professionally cleaned by them. Her before and after pics are up on the website. It looks amazing. btw, I am not affiliated with that company in anyway either.